Twenty Somethings Austin Reunion: Fans Want Season 1 Cast Back Together!

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Twenty Somethings Austin Reunion: Fans Want Season 1 Cast Back Together!

Twenty Somethings Austin reunion is highly-anticipated by Netflix viewers after watching Season 1 cast together. Fans want Season 2 of Twentysomethings Austin.

Netflix’s new show, Twenty Somethings Austin attracted numerous viewers as they eagerly await Season 2. Many are particularly interested to know if Roxy and Kamari are still together.

Releasing the first episode on 10th December 2021, and ending the show with the final episode on 17th December 2021, the reality show had exactly 7 episodes in the first season.

Twentysomethings Austin is not an ordinary show, rather it is a reality show where exactly eight people in their 20s set out in finding love and success by living together in Austin, Texas.

With the end of the first season, it has developed curiosity among the audience regarding the reunion of the show. Moreover, some people are in a dilemma if Twenty Somethings Austin will have a second season.

Developing a plethora of curiosities and desperation among the fans, the reality show succeeded in winning the hearts of many people.

Twenty Somethings Austin Reunion: Will It Happen on Netflix?

In the first season of Twentysomethings Austin, eight people took part, and throughout the filming of the reality show, the participants lived together in Twin Airbnb rentals in Texas, United States.

As the cast members stayed together for a long duration, they probably developed attachment towards each other, and obviously towards the reality show as well. On the last day of the shoot, they all had a hard time waving the final goodbye.

With the end of the first season, the reunion of Twenty Somethings Austin has been one of the most asked questions. Conversely, it is daunting to tell as Netflix has neither confirmed nor declined the gathering of the cast members.

Therefore, until and unless Netflix releases an official announcement, nothing can be said about it. However, most of the reality shows always come up with the meet-up as their final goodbye to the show, so, there are chances that Twentysomethings Austin might have a reunion.

Will There Be Season 2 of Twenty Somethings Austin?

Bringing binge-watchers, the first season of Twenty Somethings Austin definitely was one of the hits. Ending the first season was saddening to a majority of the viewers, and now, that the first season has come to an end, people have already started questioning about season 2.

Subsequently, there is no such evidence that clears out everyone’s perplexities as Netflix is yet to confirm about the second season.

Therefore, we need to wait until the streaming media officially says but looking at the first season’s viewers, it seems that there will definitely be another season to this show as the first gave them a hefty profit, we assume Netflix wouldn’t want to lose a show that will bring them a lot of viewers and money.

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