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Thuany Raquel | Too Hot to Handle Brazil, Netflix, Birthday, Married, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Thuany Raquel Wiki/Bio

Thuany Raquel from Too Hot to Handle: Brazil is a reality television star from Pernambuco, Brazil. She claims she married young, but her former husband cheated on her.

She is currently enjoying her single life and appears to be on the show in search of love, the one she’s been looking for her entire life.

Too Hot to Handle: Brazil on Netflix

Thuany Raquel is one of the cast members in the Netflix reality series Too Hot to Handle: Brazil.

The rest of the cast includes Kethellen Avelina, Marina Streit, Gabriela MartinsBruna LouiseLeandro DavidBrenda PaixaoRita Tiecher, and Matheus Sampaio.

Too Hot to Handle: Brazil premiered on Netflix on 21st July 2021.


Thuany celebrates her birthday on 18th June.

Married, Husband

Thuany Raquel was previously married to her ex-husband named Rindux. However, they ended up divorcing after he allegedly cheated on her.

Dating, Boyfriend

Raquel from Too Hot to Handle: Brazil is currently single. She does not seem to be dating a boyfriend right now.

Net Worth

Thuany Raquel’s net worth is estimated at $150,000.

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