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Rose Hardy | Tattoo Redo Cast, Netflix, Ed Hardy, Age, Father, Nationality, Wikipedia, Husband, Net Worth

Rose Hardy

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Tattoo Artist Rose Hardy Wiki/Bio, Career, Family Rose Hardy began her work as a tattoo artist in Auckland, New Zealand, ...

Twig Sparks | Tattoo Redo Cast, Artists, Netflix, Tattoo Artist, Dating, Wife, Net Worth

Twig Sparks

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Tattoo Artist Twig Sparks Wiki/Bio Twig Sparks from Tattoo Redo – his real name is Adrian, but everyone calls him ...

Matt Beckerich | Tattoo Redo, Netflix, Ink Master, Age, Instagram, Fountainhead, Dating, Net Worth

Matt Beckerich

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Tattoo Artist Matt Beckerich Wiki/Bio Matt Beckerich, from Tattoo Redo, is a tattoo artist from New York, who works at ...

Tommy Montoya | Tattoo Redo Cast, Netflix, Net Worth, Ink Master, Daughter, Wife

Tommy Montoya

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Tattoo Artist Tommy Montoya Wiki/Bio Tommy Montoya, from Tattoo Redo, is a California-based tattoo artist. He is employed at the ...

Miryam Lumpini | Tattoo Redo Cast, Netflix, Website, Dark Skin Tattoo, Net Worth, Dating

Miryam Lumpini

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Miryam Lumpini Wiki/Bio Miryam Lumpini from the Netflix reality show, Tattoo Redo, is a female tattoo artist, influencer, and artistic ...

Jessimae Peluso | Tattoo Redo Host, Netflix, Husband, Yannis Pappas, Parents, Net Worth, Instagram

Jessimae Peluso

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Jessimae Peluso Wiki/Bio Jessimae Peluso was born in New York on 16th September 1982. She is currently 38 years old ...