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Tommy Montoya | Tattoo Redo Cast, Netflix, Net Worth, Ink Master, Daughter, Wife

Tattoo Artist Tommy Montoya Wiki/Bio

Tommy Montoya, from Tattoo Redo, is a California-based tattoo artist. He is employed at the Klockwork Tattoo Club.

After appearing in NY Ink in 2011, the Netflix star catapulted to stardom. Alongside Ryan Ashley Malarkey, the tattoo artist led the 2019 Father Falls Tattoo Expo.

He is well known for his 20 years of West-coast black-and-gray tattooing, which he began after becoming famous on small screens.

Tommy is more than simply a tattoo artist; he is also a spouse and father to his son.

Tattoo Redo Cast on Netflix

Tommy Montoya is one of the cast members on Netflix‘s Tattoo Redo. The show premiered on Netflix on 28th July 2021.

The rest of the Netflix cast includes Miryam Lumpini, Twig SparksMatt Beckerich, and Rose Hardy, along with the host Jessimae Peluso.

Klockwork Tattoo Club

Based in Covina, California, Tommy has a shop named Klockwork Tattoo Club. He specializes in old-school black and grey realism as well as West Coast style black and grey.

Net Worth

Tommy Montoya’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Ink Master

Ink Master is a tattoo contest show that ran on Spike and afterward Paramount Network from 2012 until 2020.

Montoya is the best judge on Ink Master according to fans.


Tommy Montoya often tweets about his daughter, Saleane. Back in 2016, he got his daughter tattooed on his arm.


Tommy Montoya is yet to reveal details of his wife.

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