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On November 15, 2021 By Owen Weimann

Kayla Johanson from Gold Rush White Water: Meet the New Cast on Instagram!

Kayla Johanson is the new girl on Gold Rush: White Water. The new cast member Kayla is active on Instagram....
On November 14, 2021 By Owen Weimann

Who is Faith Teng on Gold Rush? Meet Kevin Beets' Girlfriend!

Fans are eager to learn more about Faith Teng on Gold Rush. She is Kevin Beets' girlfriend. Discover Faith Teng's...
On October 31, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Facts About Hunter Hoffman: Gold Rush, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Seven Cowboys!

Hunter Hoffman from Gold Rush, who owns Seven Cowboys, is dating his girlfriend, Bri Ramseth. The 22-year-old's net worth is...
On October 29, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Facts About Rick Ness' Girlfriend Leese Marie aka Leese M Arie

Rick Ness from Gold Rush is dating his girlfriend named Leese Marie (Leese M Arie on Instagram) in 2021. Fans...
On July 5, 2021 By Reality Writer

Rick Ness

American Reality show star, Rick Ness, is a star of the Discovery+ show Gold Rush. He is too damn serious...
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