Facts About Rick Ness’ Girlfriend Leese Marie aka Leese M Arie

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Facts About Rick Ness' Girlfriend Leese Marie aka Leese M Arie

Rick Ness from Gold Rush is dating his girlfriend named Leese Marie (Leese M Arie on Instagram) in 2021. Fans want to check out her age, picture, Facebook & plastic surgery. Some wonder if his girlfriend is a guy. Rick Ness was previously married to his ex-wife Jen Ness.

Rick Ness is well-known for his run on the American reality program Gold Rush, a Discovery+ show concerning gold mining. The series is a huge hit in the realm of the American reality world.

Rick began his small-screen career in 2012 when he became a part of the Parker Schabel-led Gold Rush squad, but everyone realized he had the charm to go solo.

Rick founded his own mining company in the ninth season of Gold Rush, and he has reached new heights ever since. The reality television star has a lot under his sleeve, and there’s a lot to learn about him.

We have discovered some fascinating stuff about the star, which we will examine, as well as his current dating status, most notably his girlfriend. Let’s get started.

Who is Rick Ness’ Girlfriend in 2021?

Rick Ness was previously a married man; fans of the show are aware that the 40-year-old reality alum was in a marital relationship with his former wife, Jen Ness, but the couple sadly separated.

Following his divorce from Jen, Rick is now in a happy relationship with his new girlfriend, Leese M Arie, or as she prefers to be called, Leese Marie.

The pair recently made their relationship official, but it hasn’t been a wonderful experience for them, at least on social media, for no fault of their own. Rick Ness and his girlfriend were unfortunately subjected to body-shaming and internet bullies.

Will Rick Ness’ Girlfriend Leese Marie Feature in Gold Rush Season 12?

In the forthcoming season of Gold Rush, the mining crew is most likely looking for another teammate. Per certain sources, Rick Ness‘s partner will most likely feature on the program.

This remark alone addresses two major questions about Rick Ness’s possible return to Gold Rush in season 12 and whether his new girlfriend will be joining the squad. For now, the answer seems to be a resounding yes to both queries.

A Reddit user is confident that things will turn out that way. A Redditor shared a photo of Leese M Arie from her now-deleted Facebook upload with the caption:

I’m excited to announce that Rick asked me to……… be his slave for the summer, and I said yes!

Well, that’s as good a confirmation as we’ll get!

Who is Rick Ness Girlfriend Leese M Arie?

There isn’t much information about Rick Ness‘s girlfriend, but based on her public profile, we can infer she is from Wisconsin.

One thing is certain: Rick now has a dedicated girlfriend. Will she be driving large rigs to assist her man? We’re not sure what her role will include, but we know the spectacle will be a lot of fun.

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