Swap Shop: Richard Davis’ Wife Amber Davis Passed Away in 2020

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Swap Shop: Richard Davis' Wife Amber Davis Passed Away in 2020

Amber Davis is the late wife of the Swap Shop cast Richard Davis. Her obituary states she died in late 2020. Garin Dickerson made a beautiful post about Amber on Instagram.

Swap Shop, a brand new Netflix reality show, looks deeply into the practice of how East Tennessee residents develop their individual and business collections of special and original products with the aid of a radio show that is quite simply unparalleled.

After all, the namesake WRGS program informs users about specific things on the marketplace, which enlivens their interest and sets in motion what can only be termed as a scavenger hunt.

Each sector is represented here, from antiques to graphic novels, but Richard Davis along with Garin Dickerson exclusively focus on the latter. In this section today, let’s get to know about Amber Davis who sadly passed away last year.

Amber Davis is the Late Wife of Swap Shop Star Richard Davis

Richard Davis and his spouse, Amber Davis, served as co-owners of Nirvana Comics at 6709-B Kingston Pike (Around Back) in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Tragically, she perished in late 2020 at the age of 38. He continues to run the firm with the help of his dedicated team, but it seems that the loss of Amber Davis is still very much prominent in their life.

While Richard hasn’t mentioned it on his social networks as of yet, a deep dig through the comic book shop’s Instagram suggests that she passed away in December 2020 after undergoing kidney surgery. She appears to have been ill for some time and required a transplant, which did not go as anticipated.

Last month, Richard’s right-hand man Garin Dickerson wrote on Instagram:

Today is Amber’s birthday. Seeing her alive and well [in the show’s trailer]- in the shop she loved, dice in hand for D&D, her little white Mina dog by her side- brought so many emotions. I know we are all excited to see the Amber Davis we know and love in this show—I know we are all going to have some pretty big feels when we do.

Garin added that on the occasion of Amber Davis’ birthday, he was having overwhelming feelings of sorts, and he had no doubt that Richard and the rest of their massive family are feeling the same way.

He then wished her a happy birthday before calling her the most ardent guardian angel. “We love you and miss you always.”

Who Are Richard Davis and Garin Dickerson from Swap Shop?

Nirvana Comics is owned by Richard Davis, while Garin Dickerson works as the store manager for him. Based on our understanding, the former is a lifelong Tennessee native, whilst the latter moved to the southeastern region after completing a community college in his hometown of Roanoke, Virginia.

The most obvious mutual love between them is the fascination for comic books, in addition to fantasy, nostalgia, as well a variety of other stuff.

But what makes the duo and Nirvana Comics thrive is their sincere desire to serve people with dignity and compassion. As a result, their mantra is “people over product.”

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