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Meet Scott Jones and Dale Kyker from Swap Shop on Netflix

Nov 10, 2021 @ 12:52 EST
Meet Scott Jones and Dale Kyker from Swap Shop on Netflix

Scott Jones and Dale Kyker from Swap Shop on Netflix work together at Kyker’s Extreme Automotive in beautiful Greeneville. Fans want to know if they're on Instagram.

Swap Shop is one of Netflix's latest offerings this week, and it's likely to enlighten you on customs you had no idea was in existence. Plus, this show is as real as it gets!

If this looks like a program you should watch or if you're seeking your next short binge, then this is definitely something you should go for.

In this section today, let's get to know about two of the ensemble Scott Jones and Dale Kyker from Kyker’s Xtreme Automotive.

What are Scott Jones and Dale Kyker from Swap Shop on Netflix?

Swap Shop cast members, Scott Jones and Dale Kyker, as far as we're aware, prefer to keep their private affairs out of the limelight. The latter owns a Facebook profile, which he occasionally uses to keep followers up to date on what's happening with him.

Despite the fact that he featured in both seasons of History Channel's Counting Cars, it seems that Scott does not even maintain a Facebook account, never mind Instagram.

So far, all we've learned is that Dale and Scott have lovely households of their own, and they continue to collaborate together at Kyker's Extreme Automotive in the picturesque Greeneville.

What is Swap Shop About?

Swap Shop is the latest reality show about Tennessee residents who are avid listeners of a radio show called Swap Shop.

The program advises them of where they can purchase scraps for cheap and subsequently convert them into exquisite pieces of art or utilitarian things like automobiles, equipment, or footwear for a tidy profit.

Tens of hundreds of Southern radio program listeners converge from all over the state to receive first bids on these extremely sought objects, but only one can obtain the item and become a couple of dollars wealthier.

Before you leave, meet Richard Davis' wife Amber Davis.

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