Steve and Sharona From Love on the Spectrum: Are They Still Together?

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Steve and Sharona From Love on the Spectrum: Are They Still Together? – Despite enjoying their date, Steve and Sharona from Love on the Spectrum didn’t end up together as Steve didn’t feel a love connection with the latter. Meanwhile, many Reddit users have been claiming that Sharona dates Steve just for his money.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. has returned, with more love, romance, and comic book references than ever. The Netflix series, which follows people on the autistic spectrum on their hunt for love, recently premiered its second American season, following in the footsteps of fan favorites such as Dani, Abbey, James, and Steve. (Australia’s Love on the Spectrum, which premiered first, already has two seasons.)

Steve Spitz, a fan favorite in Season 1, pleased audiences by returning for a second chance at love. During Season 2, he went on his first date in over a year with Sharona, with whom he had a meaningful conversation. Well, did they end up together? Let’s find it out.

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A Quick Look At Steve and Sharona’s Journey on Love on the Spectrum!

Before revealing if Steve and Sharona are still together, let’s first have a quick summary of their time on Love on the Spectrum. Steve was initially worried about his date with Sharona, but he felt confident that everything would be fine.

Steve and Sharona went on a lakeside date and strolled about holding hands. Sharona, who worked in the Israeli military’s intelligence section, appeared to be a fun-loving individual who quickly connected with Steve.

Steve and Sharona going on a date in Love on the Spectrum. blurred-reality.comSteve and Sharona going on a date in Love on the Spectrum.
Image Source: Netflix

The two had a good encounter but Steve didn’t want to jump in on their relationship. As they bid each other farewell, Sharona remarked that they might still be friends, and Steve agreed. When asked about his favorite moments from the Love on the Spectrum, Steve didn’t hesitate to praise Sharona. He said,

I do recall opening up to Sharona telling her that I do not allow myself to show any feelings of vulnerability, as I worry about what others may think. I am afraid to show that I can cry, as I have worried that crying shows signs of weakness. Sharona was very understanding and accepting.

He further added,

She took the time to explore what I was expressing and had her own thoughts about it. She seems to be a really strong person herself, and made me feel that a strong woman can be with a gentleman who is vulnerable…On a sidenote, even though I felt a connection with Sharona in this conversation, and was fond of her, I did not feel a romantic connection.

Some Reddit Users Feel Sharona Wasn’t a Good Match With Steve!

Many Reddit users have expressed their disappointment with Love on the Spectrum as they believe Sharona wasn’t an ideal match for Steve. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one person wrote,

Sharona seemed to have an agenda, the inappropriate touching, insincere laughter, and just trying so damn hard. And not to comment negatively on people’s looks, but the overdone filler/botox lends itself to a certain type of person.

Similarly, another wrote,

I thought he was insinuating something with her also. I don’t get why they’d match him with Sharona, clearly a bad choice from the first moment she walked on screen.

Reddit users claim that Sharona wasn't an ideal match for Steve. blurred-reality.comReddit users claim that Sharona wasn’t an ideal match for Steve.
Image Source: Netflix

Meanwhile, many of them also believe that Sharona dated Steve just for his money. In the same post, a user wrote,

Steve’s father left him a boatload of money. Sharona knows this. I doubt her over the top flirting was simply because she wants a nice guy.

In a different post, another wrote,

I’m sure the show vets these people, but Sharona’s presence still felt sinister. It felt like she really wanted to help Steve spend his trust fund $$$.