Tanner and Kate From Love on the Spectrum: Are They Still Together?

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Tanner and Kate From Love on the Spectrum: Are They Still Together? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Tanner and Kate, despite going on a date twice in Love on the Spectrum, parted ways since they both didn’t feel a love connection with each other and felt uncomfortable at times.

Love on the Spectrum is an Emmy Award-winning docu-reality series on Netflix that follows the journey of a diverse group of autistic people as they seek love. Following the spectacular success of the first season, new episodes of Season 2 have already arrived on the streaming platform.

Season 2 introduces us to Tanner, an upbeat South Carolinian who works at a neighboring hotel. He meets Kate after getting dating advice from autism specialist Jennifer Cook. Meanwhile, we have found that many viewers have been wanting to know their current relationship status. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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A Quick Glance at Tanner and Kate’s Journey on Love on the Spectrum!

Tanner (@tannerwiththe_tism) makes his first venture into the dating scene in Love on the Spectrum Season 2. That is how he was introduced to Kate (@kateliggitt), and their blind date was at Passerelle Bistro, a small French restaurant where they could converse and get to know each other at their own pace. Their original goal was to go to the Greenville Zoo, but owing to the weather, they had to make hasty changes, which turned out brilliantly.

Tanner was driven to continue talking at times since Kate’s comments were either one word or too brief, but her looks revealed that she was both apprehensive and smitten. Then there’s the fact that he subsequently stated he thought she was gorgeous, which, along with their mutual love of animals, prompted him to ask her out on a second date after asking what they liked about each other.

Both Tanner and Kate didn't feel comfortable with each other on their first date. blurred-reality.comBoth Tanner and Kate didn’t feel comfortable with each other on their first date.
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Before their second outing, he told resident autism expert Jennifer Cook that he was concerned that he might run out of topics to discuss with Kate. Jennifer encourages him to begin asking Kate more open-ended questions, but Tanner reminds him that if he is out of words, he can always respond, “I can’t think of what else to say, but I’m having a nice time.”

Jennifer also reminds him that it’s okay to be silent occasionally, and she recognizes that Tanner puts too much pressure on himself to always be happy and laughing. Their second romantic encounter took place at the Greenville Zoo, where the couple continued to explore their bond through casual discussions and hand-holding before deciding to continue meeting together. Tanner tries to follow Jennifer’s advice on his second date with Kate, but it appears that he and Kate aren’t a good fit.

Are Tanner and Kate Still Together?

According to the Season 2 finale of Love on the Spectrum, Tanner and Kate parted ways but have maintained a friendship. In the latest interview with Tudum, Tanner explained,

Right now, I am not dating anyone and I am good with being single for now. Kate and I are very good friends since the show and we text and stay in touch.

Tanner and Kate, unfortunately, decide to part ways after their second date. blurred-reality.comTanner and Kate, unfortunately, decide to part ways after their second date.
Image Source: Netflix

As for their current whereabouts, Tanner appears to have recently graduated from Clemson University’s two-year ClemsonLIFE program, which is specifically created for students with exceptional needs. It also appears that he is still employed at Shepherd Hotel, where he aspires to one day become a receptionist and use his extroverted skills to greet guests as they enter the 67-room property.

Kate, on the other hand, appears to have been an Instructional Assistant at the local Therapy Place facility for quite some time, and she recently had the opportunity to appear on a Times Square jumbotron. A photo of her with young patient Jayne Walker was chosen by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to be one of 500 featured in New York to help enable conversations about embracing, understanding, and supporting people with Down Syndrome.

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