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Maggie From Love on the Spectrum: Reddit & Instagram – Maggie from Love on the Spectrum is an assistant teacher for special students and can be found on Instagram at (@a_frog_abroad). Meanwhile, many Reddit users claim that she didn’t look like she had autism.

Love on the Spectrum on Netflix was a significant journey in which cast members, all living on the autistic spectrum, embarked on a search for love. The show documented these people’s earnest and often difficult attempts to connect with a romantic partner.

Among the diverse group, some found love while navigating the complexity of relationships. Their stories became inspiring stories of triumph over the specific hurdles they encountered. On the other side, for certain cast members, the journey proved more difficult, and they struggled to find that unique connection.

Maggie was one of the secondary cast members who went on a date with James. While they weren’t able to make a connection, Maggie has managed to get the attention of many people since we have found that many people have been wanting to know more about her. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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All About Maggie From Love on the Spectrum: Reddit & Instagram!

After James was unable to find love in Season 1 of Love on the Spectrum, he came back in the second season in the hope of getting his soulmate. That is when we get introduced to Maggie. Before discussing how their dates went, let’s first have a quick intro about Maggie.

As for her profession, Maggie revealed in the show that she works as an assistant teacher at a special needs school (blind and deaf students). She can be found on Instagram at (@a_frog_abroad). In her Instagram bio, she has listed herself as bisexual, meaning that she is into both men and women. She is passionate about reading books. Also, she is highly into board games. Most of her IG posts are about board games.

Maggie identifies herself as bisexual. blurred-reality.comMaggie identifies herself as bisexual.
Image Source: Instagram

Additionally, she also lists herself as neurodivergent. In case you’re unaware, neurodivergent is a term used to describe individuals whose neurological development and functioning differ from what is considered typical or “neurotypical.”

Meanwhile, some fans on Reddit believe she didn’t seem like she has autism. In a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

James’ dates, Jasmine and Maggie, both appeared to be neurotypical, or high-functioning at the most. It makes for very awkward/uncomfortable moments. I wish they would find someone who matches his energy better.

Maggie’s Journey on Love on the Spectrum!

James‘ ability to communicate with Maggie without becoming upset or overstimulated, as well as his genuine interest in her hobbies/stories, made their date a huge success in both of their views.

The cherry on top for the former was the brief but lovely lip kiss he gave him at the end after he’d already asked her about previous relationships, expectations, and a second date. This romantic rendezvous occurred a short time later at the magnificent Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, and it went extremely well as they got to know each other on a much deeper, more long-term level.

James and Maggie going on a date in Love on the Spectrum. blurred-reality.comJames and Maggie going on a date in Love on the Spectrum.
Image Source: Netflix

James’ efforts to get Maggie a frog gummy owing to her interest in them before their second date, only to wind up purchasing her a gummy bouquet because the former was out of stock, really paid off. It demonstrated his compassionate, open, and sympathetic side.

On the other hand, while he found her vegetarianism to be a bit of a stumbling block, he admitted it was a “pretty minor thing” in the larger scheme of things, and he had learned to admire her personality.

James and Maggie completed their second date with a deep kiss and made arrangements for a third, but they were unable to match their love interests and did not progress much in their relationship. However, neither seems to be particularly concerned about it these days, as the latter is still traveling to new countries, playing indoor board games, and keeping her love of books and frogs, whereas the former appears to have moved on. Furthermore, they have been good friends.

Love on the Spectrum season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.