Are Catja and Christopher “Christofer” Still Together? Love Is Blind ‘Sweden’ Update

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Are Catja and Christopher “Christofer” Still Together? Love Is Blind ‘Sweden’ – Catja and Christopher “Christofer” from Love Is Blind: Sweden do not appear to be together as they do not follow each other on Instagram and do not wear rings anymore, as seen from their recent pictures. Well, have a look at their journey on the show.

Love is Blind: Sweden on Netflix is a new and exciting addition to the renowned Love is Blind franchise, introducing the globe to several new couples that viewers can’t help but root for.

The Swedish version follows the same concept as the original American series: a group of men and women dating in pods (which hide their appearances from one another) with the intention of walking out engaged.

With already 8 episodes released so far, viewers have already started to wonder if the engaged couples are still together, including Catja and Christopher “Christofer”. Well, let’s find it out together.

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A Quick Look At Catja and Christopher’s Journey on Love Is Blind: Sweden

Before diving into their current relationship status, let’s first have a quick look at their journey on Love Is Blind: Sweden. Catja (@clovstrand) and ChristopherChristofer” (@christoferpocock) were drawn together from the minute they stepped into the pods due to their shared interests, but the former resisted slightly.

That’s because this 32-year-old HR professional needed safety and stability, something she wasn’t sure the 34-year-old Self-Employed DJ could give; also, due to her job, she preferred someone in Stockholm over him. As a result, despite their continued conversations because she thought he was a kind guy, it wasn’t until her relationship with Rasmus Hedenstedt ended that she began to see him in a new light, as he eventually agreed to be more open as well.

The truth is that Christofer did not have the best of childhoods and was virtually forced to mature at a young age, therefore he masked emotionality with humor in every meaning of the word.

Nonetheless, because he was well aware of this element, he gave it his best when he finally felt the need to share parts of himself with others to be happy; he did prioritize work, but he also valued family time. The fact that he admitted he needed to strengthen his familial relationships was also a bonus for Catja because it demonstrated that he didn’t mind being a work in progress or falling for someone older while still discovering herself.

While Catja is 2 years old, Christopher is 34 at the moment. blurred-reality.comWhile Catja is 2 years old, Christopher is 34 at the moment.
Image Source: Netflix

Things between Catja and Christofer therefore resulted in an engagement, only to waver slightly when they physically met for the first time. He was completely enamored with her, but she didn’t necessarily find him appealing; she did admit that style wasn’t everything and that she was with him because of who he was, but there was a noticeable difference.

Unfortunately, this worsened during their vacation in Cyprus, but Catja tried to make it work under the guise of “one day at a time” – she wasn’t as touchy-feely or comfortable, but she kept her emotional side open with him in the hopes that it would work.

Of course, even though Catja hadn’t openly conveyed anything to Christofer, her lack of compliments and interest in their physical proximity made everything evident to him. He knew he was one step ahead of her in their relationship, but he also didn’t want to give up totally to help her move forward, so he walked a tight line. However, he did it with such humility, passion, and sincerity that, like fans, Catja eventually began pulling for him – it was an uphill battle, but she was willing to meet him halfway, which is all that matters in the end.

Are Catja and Christopher Still Together?

Everything changed when Catja and Christopher Christofer” returned to the real world, and she realized that not only was he ahead of her, but she was also not in love with him.

This resulted in a few conflicts between the two, with her believing that his decision to move to Stockholm for them after marriage was not a compromise, but rather him allowing her to walk all over him. Thus, she left him in the middle of the night and removed her ring to mull things over in her safe haven, her apartment, only to later ask him to meet him on the pier. The conversation was just chaotic, and at the end, Christofer threw his ring into the ocean.

As a result, we do not think the couple is still together. Additionally, they do not follow or appear in each other’s feeds, not even through random likes or casual comments, as most cast members have done regardless of affiliation.

We don't think Catja and Christopher are together anymore. blurred-reality.comWe don’t think Catja and Christopher are together anymore.
Image Source: Netflix

Then there’s the obvious lack of a ring on Catja’s fingers in all of her recent posts; Love is Blind: Sweden was reportedly filmed in the spring of 2023, and neither the 32-year-old HR specialist nor the 34-year-old self-employed hunk has been seen wearing rings on their ever-important fingers since then.

Love is Blind: Sweden is now streaming on Netflix.