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Ryann McCracken From The Ultimatum: Instagram, Birthday, Job, Age & Hometown!

Aug 25, 2023 @ 3:35 EDT
Ryann McCracken From The Ultimatum: Instagram, Birthday, Job, Age & Hometown!

Ryann McCracken from The Ultimatum can be found on Instagram at (@ryanntaylorrrrr). Follow to know more about her, including her birthday, job, age, and hometown.

Five new couples who are on the verge of getting married or ending their relationship for good are introduced in the latest season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

One of the cast members who has been getting a lot of attention is Ryann McCracken. James Morris, Ryann's boyfriend, and she both participate in the dating reality series. The high school sweethearts have been together for over seven years. They were the picture-perfect couple in high school, with James playing football and Ryann serving as prom queen.

Apart from what happens in the show, many viewers have been seeking more information about Ryann, including her Instagram handle, birthday, job, age, hometown, and more. Well, we've got you covered.

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Find Ryann McCracken From The Ultimatum On Instagram: Birthday & Age!

Ryann McCracken from The Ultimatum was reportedly born in September 1998. According to her Facebook bio, she celebrates her birthday on 17 September every year. Thus, we can conclude that she is currently 24 years old.

Ryann McCracken celebrates her birthday on 17 September every year. blurred-reality.comRyann McCracken celebrates her birthday on 17 September every year.
Image Source: Instagram

If you were seeking Ryann's Instagram account, you may find her there under the handle (@ryanntaylorrrrr). As of this writing, she has just over 5500 followers. Yes, she doesn't have the same level of popularity as some of her castmates, but we believe her fan base will grow as more viewers discover her in The Ultimatum Season 2.

Details on Ryann’s Job!

Talking about Ryann's job, her Netflix profile concludes that she currently works as a radiologic technician. She has been employed at Mcleod Orthopaedics Clarendon since July 2021, according to her Facebook. Her LinkedIn profile also suggests that she has been a student at Florence-Darlington Technical College since 2019.

Ryann McCracken works as a radiologic technician at Mcleod Orthopaedics Clarendon. blurred-reality.comRyann McCracken works as a radiologic technician at Mcleod Orthopaedics Clarendon.
Image Source: Instagram

In case you're unaware, a radiologic technician operates X-ray and MRI machines, among other medical scanning devices, to create diagnostic images of patients' internal anatomy. They work with medical teams to position patients safely, take precise pictures, and assure patient safety. They play a critical role in helping doctors diagnose and treat medical disorders.

Ryann’s Hometown: Where Is She From?

Talking about Ryann's hometown, she is reportedly from Kingstree, South Carolina. She was born to her parents, Lisa McCracken and Kelly McCracken. Her mother works at Kingstree Smiles as a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH). She completed her dental hygiene coursework at Florence-Darlington Technical College and previously worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) for Dr. Lucius Wates.

Meanwhile, her father attended Coastal Carolina University and Williamsburg Academy. Along with Ryann, Lisa and Kelly have a daughter named Rowan McCracken and a son named Reed.

Are Ryann and James Still Together?

We believe Ryann and James are still together because of everything they've been through, her newfound fortitude, his extreme vulnerability, and a deeper understanding.

Although neither the Research Assistant nor the Radiologic Technologist have officially verified or refuted this circumstance as of this writing, there are some hints on their respective web platforms that point in the same direction.

To begin with, they still follow each other and various members of each other's families. In addition, the latter's feed still mostly consists of old posts of them as a pair because he hasn't removed anything. We genuinely support this couple and are forward to seeing where their future takes them.

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