Who Is Rhys Montrose in You Season 4? Played by Actor Ed Speleers, Is He ‘Eat the Rich Killer’?

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Who Is Rhys Montrose in You Season 4? Played by Actor Ed Speleers, Is He 'Eat the Rich Killer'?

Rhys Montrose, one of the characters from Netflix’s You Season 4, is actually Eat The Rich Killer. Yes, he was the one who killed Malcolm and other rich individuals and threatened Joe to reveal his secrets. Additionally, the role of Rhys is played by actor Ed Speleers.

Joe Goldberg returns in Season 4 of the Netflix series, You, this time in a different nation with a brand-new set of circumstances. He appears to be trying to start over, but murder and mayhem continue to follow him, and this time, someone else has their sights set on him. One can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for Joe and what the arrival of a new threat could signify for his future after the plot takes such tremendous twists and turns in only five episodes.

Following the dramatic events of the You Season 3 finale, Joe traveled to Paris before heading to London, where the new episodes are set. Joe, who is attempting to get over his past, meets his coworker Malcolm, Kate, Malcolm’s girlfriend, and their group of Oxford University-educated friends while impersonating literary professor Jonathan Moore.

Joe meets a number of individuals that are going to be important in the upcoming season of the Netflix series during the first episode of season 4, but Rhys Montrose is possibly the most fascinating. Well, who exactly is Rhys? Here is everything you need to know about him.

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Rhys Montrose From You Season 4: It Turns Out He Is the Eat the Rich Killer Who Killed Malcolm and Others!

The first time Rhys Montrose is mentioned is in the season 4 premiere of You, where Joe, masquerading as Jonathan Moore, is in charge of a literary class at a London university. Rhys’s life narrative is one of poverty to riches, and one of his students, Nadia, who possesses a copy of his biography, discloses that he is a candidate for the position of future mayor of London.

Later in the episode, Joe finds himself in a fancy club after rescuing Kate, the love interest of his wild-eyed coworker Malcolm. Rhys suddenly joins Joe as he is sitting in the club’s corner and going about his business. They have a fascinating talk about their different difficult upbringings as they bond over their shared experiences.

Rhys Montrose is actually the mysteriousEat The Rich Killer” who preys on the wealthy characters. When Joe finds Malcolm’s dead body on his kitchen table toward the conclusion of episode 1 and is required to dispose of the body, he fears that he has reverted to his old murderous habits.

However, in reality, this is the act of the nefarious attacker who kills a number of the spoiled and privileged individuals in season 4, and he is quite impressed by Joe’s fast thinking and ability to cover up Malcolm’s killing. Joe takes the role of a detective in an effort to identify the murderer since the serial killer is known as the Eat The Rich Killer because he exclusively targets the rich.

By the conclusion of episode 5, when Joe is unconscious and locked in a cellar beneath Hampsbridge House, where several of the characters have been staying, the real killer is revealed to be Rhys Montrose. Rhys not only admits to being the Eat The Rich Killer but also makes it clear that he is well aware of Joe’s identity and criminal record.

Rhys advises the two to form an alliance and use their homicidal skills to eliminate individuals of the rich upper classes one at a time. But Joe rejects it because he doesn’t want to be anyone’s puppet, which creates a seductively captivating conflict between him and Rhys for the second half of the season when it arrives in March.

Additionally, the role of Rhys is played by none other than actor Ed Speleers (@edwardjspeleers). His most well-known roles are James “Jimmy” Kent in the British historical drama series, Downton Abbey, and the antagonist Stephen Bonnet in the TV series, Outlander. He also played the main character in the 2006 film, Eragon. Speleers talked about his character in an interview with Collider. He explained,

I feel that Rhys is like, “Well, these people that we are talking about here are not good people to be having around, and they’re getting in your way of being the best version of yourself. So let’s eradicate them.” I love the fact that he does some very broad, bold, bold suggestions. He does that in order to bring out a side to Joe that Joe’s probably trying to push away. And that’s what I love. He’s the devil on the shoulder, isn’t he?

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