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On March 12, 2023 By Reality Writer

Does Joe Kill Tom Lockwood? What Happens to Kate Galvin’s Father?

Yes, Joe Goldberg kills Tom Lockwood (Kate Galvin's father) in Netflix's You Season 4 part 2. Joe breaks into Tom's...
On March 12, 2023 By Owen Weimann

You: What Mental Illness/Disorder Does Love Quinn Have? Does She Have BPD? Or Is She a Sociopath? Character Analysis!

Love Quinn from Netflix's You had a mental illness/disorder just like the main character, Joe Goldberg. However, she didn't have...
On March 11, 2023 By Natalia Romanova

Amy-Leigh Hickman’s Background & Ethnicity: Know About the Nadia Actress; Is She Married to Shaheen Jafargholi?

Talking about her background, Amy-Leigh Hickman from Netflix's You Season 4 was born on September 15, 1997, in England. Meanwhile,...
On February 17, 2023 By Reality Writer

Penn Badgley’s Nose Job: Rumors Suggest That the You Cast’s Nose Has Changed a Lot!

Penn Badgley has recently been accused of getting a nose job as many people believe that his nose has changed...
On February 14, 2023 By Owen Weimann

Did They Take "You" off Netflix? People Have Been Complaining That It Isn’t Available in Their Region!

No, they didn't take "You" off Netflix. You can still watch the show on the streaming platform. In case your...
On February 11, 2023 By Owen Weimann

Is Penn Badgley Related to Henry Cavill? Do They Share the Same Bloodline?

No, Penn Badgley is not related to Henry Cavill. Many people actually wondered if they shared the same bloodline. However,...
On February 10, 2023 By Natalia Romanova

What Is Joe Goldberg’s Zodiac Sign? Pen Badgley’s Birth Chart Examined!

Since the character of Joe Goldberg was written looking at the zodiac sign of actor Penn Badgley, Joe is Scorpio...
On February 10, 2023 By Allan Ivanov

You: What Disorder Does Joe Goldberg Have? What Mental Illness Does He Have? Or Is He a Psychopath/Sociopath?

Joe Goldberg on Netflix's You appears to have antisocial personality disorder (sociopath) and narcissistic personality disorder symptoms, but very few...
On February 10, 2023 By Smith Wilson

Will Love Be Back in Season 4 of You? Reddit Users Wonder if the Character Returns in the New Season!

Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti) will not be back in Season 4 of You. In the Season 3 finale,...
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