Who Killed Malcolm in You Season 4? Was It Rhys Montrose?

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Who Killed Malcolm in You Season 4? Was It Rhys Montrose?

Using his detective talent, Joe later discovers that Rhys Montrose was the one who killed Malcolm in You Season 4. Matter of fact, Malcolm and Rhys were friends. However, the reason behind the murder has yet to be revealed. 

Season 4 of You has finally arrived on Netflix, and despite having put his murdering ways behind him, Joe Goldberg becomes embroiled in a deadly mystery when his colleague Malcolm is found dead, forcing Joe and the audience to speculate as to who killed him.

You’s Season 4 picks up in London, where Joe is trying to hide out as a literature professor going by the name of Jonathan Moore since his life in America actually came to an end at the end of season 3. While attempting to create a new life in London, he becomes involved in a string of killings that include a few wealthy members of the friend circle that Joe has joined.

As a new professor of English literature at the Darcy university, Joe is introduced to the group by Malcolm, a colleague. When Joe discovers Malcolm’s dead body inside his apartment the next morning, a wild and drunken night takes a turn for the worst. As a result, many people want to know who actually killed Malcolm. Well, let’s get started.

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You Season 4: It Turns Out Rhys Montrose Was the One Who Killed Malcolm, However, the Reason Behind It Has Yet to Be Revealed!

Given that Joe has killed several people before and that Malcolm‘s body was discovered inside his apartment, it is not difficult to assume that he has resumed his murder rampage in You Season 4. When Joe initially discovers Malcolm, he holds himself solely responsible for the killing. Although he wasn’t awake enough to remember what had happened, all evidence leads to his being the killer.

He resolves to clean up the mess and attempt to find a way to go on after admitting that he has made a mistake once more. He disposes of Malcolm’s body and washes his hands to remove the blood off his new friend. When Joe receives a message from a mysterious person, the narrative takes a surprising turn. Joe doesn’t recall installing the app on his phone from which the message was sent, and it deletes communications as soon as they are read.

This stranger comes forward and admits to killing Malcolm and says they were going to let Joe off the hook. However, they had no idea how resourceful he would be. Joe’s comfort in disposing of the body serves as evidence to the killer that this isn’t his first rodeo. They decide to kill more individuals while also becoming more determined to learn more about his mysterious history.

Joe is really relieved to get the message from the murderer. At least he is not returning to his old habits, and he is not to blame for the mess. That does not prevent the possibility of his life potentially collapsing, though. Joe may also become a victim of the Eat the Rich Killer, as referred to by the media since the murderer appears determined to blame him for the killings. The murderer must establish his identity before he may take more lives, including Joe’s.

Joe is sure that a member of Malcolm’s group is responsible because the victims are all from that group. For the killer to have a chance to act, they would need to be all within hearing of each other. Additionally, the fact that this individual is rich and nervous because they are using a messaging program that rapidly deletes texts. Joe begins to dig into everyone’s tangled ties and pasts. He learns that Rhys Montrose is the only one who opposes his friends’ lavish lifestyle.

Joe learns when exploring Malcolm’s background that he had been spying on his friends and had learned their secrets. Joe learns these details via Malcolm’s diary. It involves Simon‘s exploitation of assistants and his use of their work to advance his own career, as well as Adam‘s fetish. It was obvious that Malcolm wasn’t revealing these truths just for fun.

He either planned to or has begun to blackmail his friends. It’s probable that Malcolm blackmailed Rhys as well because he had information on him. Blackmail became tiresome to Rhys, who saw it as a hindrance to his political aspirations. All of his efforts would be a waste if his secret were to destroy the public image he had worked so hard to build.

Rhys may have faced threats from Simon and Gemma, or they may have discovered that he had murdered Malcolm. He also killed them for this reason. When Rhys comes up to the Hampsbridge House, locks Joe and Roald up in the cellar, and orders Joe to kill Roald and blame the deaths on him, Joe realizes that Rhys is the real murderer.

Joe refuses, and both he and Roald successfully escape the fire. Even if Joe is now aware of Rhys, it would still be hard to show that he committed the crime. Joe may need to use unconventional means to establish his guilt, but doing so might also be his downfall. It will be interesting to what happens next when the second part of You arrives in March.

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