What Is Joe Goldberg’s Zodiac Sign? Pen Badgley’s Birth Chart Examined!

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What Is Joe Goldberg’s Zodiac Sign? Pen Badgley’s Birth Chart Examined!

Since the character of Joe Goldberg was written looking at the zodiac sign of actor Penn Badgley, Joe is Scorpio as well. Yes, the role was truly written looking at Badgley’s birth chart and it explains why he understands this character so well.

You’ve probably seen every heinous episode of Netflix‘s You, starring Penn Badgley. And because the protagonist is such a passionate, conflicted, and lethal character, you may be wondering what Joe Goldberg‘s zodiac sign is. However, with Season 4 of the Netflix Original releasing on February 9, we want you to understand why this role was truly written. Well, it was written by looking at Penn Badgley’s birth chart because it explains why he understands this character so well.

In You, Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, a brilliant serial killer and a certified stalker who bounces from New York City to Los Angeles and is now on his way to London to continue avoiding his murderous past. The plot continues to twist and turn, capitalizing on Joe’s troubled childhood and the traumatic experiences that led him into the life of a love-struck killer.

Joe Goldberg’s character develops deeper, more intensely, and ultimately more twisted with each season. For those who haven’t seen You yet, here’s a spoiler: In the last three seasons, Joe has demonstrated his absolute mastery of switching from charming to creepy, manipulating his love interests, and covering up the murders of over fifteen other characters. We had to look into Penn Badgley’s birth chart to understand Joe Goldberg and how this character is so eerily believable!

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Joe Goldberg’s Zodiac Sign: Since the Character Was Written Looking at the Zodiac Sign of Penn Badgley, Joe Is a Scorpio as Well!

Penn Badgley‘s (@pennbadgley) birth chart reveals that his character’s intensity, fixation, and unwavering dedication to his love interests are very easily channeled by Badgley. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. However, Penn not only has a Scorpio sun, but he also has a Scorpio moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. And, while being a Scorpio does not imply that you are exactly like Joe Goldberg, it does explain why Penn Badgley understands the complexities of this role so well.

The sun represents someone’s outward-facing personality in astrology. The moon reveals information about someone’s childhood as well as their inner emotional landscape. Mercury positions indicate how a person will communicate and network with others. Venus reveals how they love and want to be loved. Mars explains how they act and defend themselves.

Pluto, on the other hand, has access to someone’s subconscious thoughts and desires. We can see that the majority of Penn Badgley’s personality will be imprinted with passion, control, and desire. There is an undeniable mirror effect between Badgley’s real-life birth chart and Joe Goldberg’s perplexing character.

Many websites list Badgley’s rising sign as Aries, but all of these planetary placements in Scorpio are also in his natal eighth house. When many personal placements fall into the eighth house, there is an innate understanding of the dark and gory aspects of life. People with their natal sun in the eighth house usually feel established in their careers and have an ambitious and opportunistic personality. Penn’s goal is to establish a successful acting career. With the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto all in this intense and fixed water sign energy, Penn’s decision to establish a career in acting by playing a serial killer makes perfect sense.

Aquarius, the water bearer, has a bad reputation for being emotionally detached, but what better sign to have your Mars placement occupy if you’re playing a serial killer? Aquarius The people of Mars have an insatiable desire for liberty. Consider Joe’s inability to accept responsibility for his murderous actions and his need to avoid legal repercussions for his victims. Joe’s constant desire to escape society’s constraints is well-played by Penn’s Aquarius Mars placement and grows more convincing season after season.

Penn’s natal Jupiter is also in Pisces, a dreamy and emotional sign. People born under Jupiter in Pisces have a deep sense of connection with others, regardless of how long they’ve known them. Consider how quickly and deeply Joe becomes obsessed with his love interests. There is a deeply poetic and overly romanticized view of the women in his life, and given Penn’s natal Jupiter placement, we wouldn’t be surprised if he was like this in real life as well!

Last but not least, we can see that Penn Badgley’s South Node is in the sign of Libra. In astrology, the South Node reveals someone’s natural tendencies, which they must overcome in this lifetime in order to achieve true balance and fulfillment. This placement may indicate codependency issues or reliance on validation from partners for one’s sense of worth. This placement would also indicate to us that his North Node is in Aries, a sign that values individuality and relationship to Self.

Joe could learn from Penn’s birth chart, and we hope to see some healthy interdependence, accountability, and self-prioritization in Joe when season 4 of You premieres on Netflix on February 9, 2023. And, of course, we all know it will be expertly portrayed by Penn Badgley, who is both talented and emotionally receptive.

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