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Queer Eye: Are Josh and Kayla Still Together? Season 6 Update!

Jan 7, 2022 @ 10:57 EST
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Queer Eye: Are Josh and Kayla Still Together? Season 6 Update!

Appearing on the third episode of Queer Eye Season 6, Josh and Kayla created perplexity to everyone regarding their relationship. Now the show has ended, are Josh and Kayla still together?

One of the pre-eminent shows, the American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6 was publicized on 31st December 2021.

The Netflix show is basically a reboot of Bravo's series but with new fab fives. Having exactly 10 episodes, the fab fives (in addition to Josh Eilers): Jonathan, Tan, Karamo, Antoni, and Bobby undoubtedly attracted myriads of viewers.

Queer Eye is immensely famous for its strong representation of the LQBTQI community, and therefore, that makes it out of the box. It is discernible that throughout the show, we get to see these fives casts, but they bring new faces every now and then.

With ten different episodes, the fab fives brought ten different heroes to each episode. Among all other heroes, Josh is one of them.

In the show, the cast tried solving his relationship issues with his ex-girlfriend, Kayla. However, now that Queer Eye has ended, are Josh and Kayla still together?

Are Josh and Kayla From Queer Eye Season 6 Still Together?

Nominated by his ex-girlfriend, Josh Eilers, as well as Kayla, made their presence in the third episode of Queer Eye Season 6.

Before appearing in the show, Josh and Kayla shared a strong bond, and were in a healthy relationship, unfortunately, bringing a calamity to their relationship and love life, Josh cheated on Kayla and even mistreated her.

Putting their relationship to an end, Kayla did what had to be done as she deserved someone better, not a person who mistreated and even cheated on her.

Conversely, having a generous heart, with the purpose of forgiving Josh and doing a life makeover for him, Kayla decided to bring Josh to the American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6.

Scrutinizing the chats and talk, Josh had with the fab fives, it seems that he still wanted Kayla in his life, not as a friend but as his girlfriend but on the contrary, Kayla didn't divulge what she exactly wanted.

The pair didn't mention how Josh cheated on her and didn't speak much about their breakup, creating difficulty for the Queer Eye casts in understanding their root problem.

Subsequently, the fab fives gave their all potential in improving their relationship and compelled the pair to enjoy a romantic dinner together.

Although Queer Eye has a specific ending, this third episode with Josh and Kayla was left on a cliffhanger, where the pair enjoys a romantic dinner but what happens afterward? Are they still together?

Checking out their Instagram account, it can be confirmed that Josh and Kayla have parted ways. Stalking Josh's Instagram account, there is literally not a single post that has Kayla in it or is dedicated to her.

On the other hand, on January 3rd, Kayla posted a photo with Josh, captioning the photo as her friend. Also, it might be astounding to know that neither Josh nor Kayla follow each other on Instagram. Thus, no evidence substantiates them being together.

Queer Eye Season 6: Who are Josh and Kayla?

The 32-year old, Josh Eilers runs a ranch named, Ranger Cattle in Austin, Texas. Earlier, he was in US Army, and at that time, Josh was the youngest, and he has even received Purple Heart Award.

The rancher loves his work, and he does make a hefty net worth. Talking about Kayla, she is the advisor at Luxury Travel but due to her discretion, not much is known about her professional life.

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