Mindy Chen’s Weight Loss: Why Does the Emily in Paris Character Look Slightly Different?

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Mindy Chen’s Weight Loss: Why Does the Emily in Paris Character Look Slightly Different?

Mindy Chen, one of the characters in Netflix’s Emily in Paris, looks slightly slimmer in the new season of the show and fans are concerned about her weight loss transformation. Well, it seems that actress Ashley Park, who plays the role of Mindy, prefers to stay fit, especially do cardio, because of her unhealthy childhood. And yes, she didn’t do it solely for her character in the show.

The third season of Emily in Paris has arrived on Netflix, and there’s a lot of fresh drama for fans to handle. Following the cliffhanger from season 2, Emily had some decisions to make in both her love life and her whole life’s perspective in Emily in Paris season 3. Without giving away any tasty new season spoilers, Emily chooses between working for Madeline or Sylvie and determines if she wants to commit to a relationship with Alfie (after originally choosing not to decide).

Over the years, the Darren Star-created series has gained a cult following and transformed into a guilty pleasure for many Viewers. Along the way, there have been many tragedies, love triangles, clichés from France, a McBaguette, the delayed discovery of the Kir Royale cocktail, and several fashion faux pas in addition to some genuinely stylish outfits.

No doubt, viewers are obsessed with the characters and they do notice them very closely. With the arrival of the new season, many people have been curious to know about Mindy Chen‘s appearance. Some people believe the character played by Ashley Park looks a little slimmer and want to know about her weight loss. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Mindy Chen’s Weight Loss: The Emily in Paris Character Looks Slightly Slimmer in the New Season!

Mindy Chen, played by Ashley Park (@ashleyparklady), definitely looks a little slimmer in Season 3 of Emily in Paris than in previous seasons of the show. Even though she looks beautiful and healthy in all seasons, fans have been concerned about her weight loss and are interested to know how she managed to do so. Well, the answer doesn’t seem to be complicated at all. Ashley just seems to be very conscious about her health.

Ashley Park’s early cancer diagnosis has always made her health-conscious because she has been struggling with her health since high school. When she was 15, she was diagnosed with leukemia, and she struggled to balance her schooling with her survival. She had always been the Asian patient at her facility until things drastically changed and the treatment made her become bald.

She was too traumatized by the situation to pay attention to warnings about potential long-term negative effects on her sensitive young mind. The potential of infertility and heart shopping muddled her thinking, but she did not want to face them.

When she had the chance to temporarily take another identity while suffering the sickness, she found comfort in acting. Her profession made her evaluate other people’s acts and behaviors, which made her narcissistic. Fortunately, after six rounds of treatment, the doctors found that she was in remission and had no malignant cells within her body.

Since then, her body has regularly claimed the first place on her list of priorities since everything she does must be in line with her fitness. You might now have an idea why the Mindy Chen actress looks a little slimmer in Season 3. Even though there aren’t any official claims, we believe she might have gained a little extra weight during the pandemic days ( as witnessed in Season 2) which she might have lost before the filming of Season 3 of the show.

It requires a very hard physical routine to prepare for demanding rehearsals and eight-shows-a-week schedules. In an interview with Fit for Broadway, she stated,

I’ve always been a cardio girl. You can most often find me on an elliptical or treadmill watching an episode of ‘Chopped.’

Additionally, she also goes to her pilates sessions or goes for a run in Central Park when going to the gym is not an option. Therefore, we’re pretty sure you are now clear about Mindy Chen’s transformation. However, we do also like to address that Ashley’s weight loss isn’t solely for her character in the Netflix show.

Emily in Paris Season 4: When Will the New Season Arrive?

Season 4 of Emily in Paris is rapidly approaching, despite the fact that season 3 only recently debuted on December 21. Sooner than you would expect, Lily Collins‘ portrayal of your favorite fashionable ex-pat Emily Cooper will make her fourth chapter on Netflix.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris on Netflix was only available for one month before it got renewed for seasons 3 and 4. “Say ‘bonjour’ to 3 & 4! EMILY IS OFFICIALLY RETURNING FOR TWO MORE SEASONS!” read the news post, which included a (French) kiss emoji, from the official Emily in Paris Instagram account. Lily Collins also shared a number of happy social media updates announcing the show’s renewal for two more seasons.

Although Emily in Paris Season 4 hasn’t received an official release date, given the show’s past release timetables and the concurrent production of Seasons 3 and 4, it’s probable that we’ll see new episodes by fall or winter 2023.

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