Is Camille Gay/Bisexual in Emily in Paris? Season 3 Update!

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Is Camille Gay/Bisexual in Emily in Paris? Season 3 Update!

Yes, Camille is gay in Netflix’s Emily in Paris. She gets romantically involved with both Sofia and Gabriel. Even though the show hasn’t directly clarified it, actress Camille Razat revealed that her character is bisexual. 

The much-anticipated early Christmas present for fans, Emily in Paris is at last back on our screens and waltzing about the French capital with some of our favorite characters. The American rom-com, which was created by Darren Starr, debuted on Netflix in 2020 and quickly had viewers swooning over everything from the locations to the outfits.

The titular character, played by Lily Collins, is an American who moves to France and gives Savoir, a marketing company, her take on things from the US. Along the way, we’ve seen her meet plenty of romance, but in season 3, some fans have been just as interested in Camille Razat‘s character in that sense as they were in Lily’s.

Fans of the show have been curious about their relationship and have questioned if Camille is bisexual or gay and interested in Emily. The uncomfortable kiss that they share unintentionally as well as their joint mattress advertising fuel the suspicions concerning her sexual orientation. Not to worry because the third season of the show provides a thorough exploration of her sexuality, relationships, and personal life. Well, let’s find out if Camille is gay.

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Yes, Camille Is Gay in Emily in Paris: Actress Camille Razat Confirmed That Her Character Is Bisexual!

Season 3 of Emily in Paris has revealed that Camille is gay, and the most recent episodes show how her romance with Sofia (Melia Kreiling) challenges her relationship with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). Even though her sexual orientation isn’t addressed directly in the show, actress Camille Razat, the actress who plays the character, has stated that the gallerist is bisexual. She stated,

Actually, that was something that I talked about with Darren [Star]. I told him about her [Camille] having an affair but with a girl because I think for so many reasons, like you said, it was a representation that I was very happy to do. I was very happy to send that message that you can be bisexual and that you can love two people at the same time, too, so, for so many reasons, I was so happy with that storyline.

After accidentally kissing Emily, Camille’s sexual orientation becomes a questionable issue. The two of them go on to develop an emotionally close bond, which makes some of the show’s viewers want a romantic plot involving them. Additionally, viewers can’t help but observe her and Emily making jokes about sharing a bed while filming a mattress advertising for Savoir.

As Camille develops a romantic relationship with Sofia, a Greek artist whose art installation is on exhibit at the gallery where she works, the third season of the show verifies the suspicions of her fans.

Camille gets indecisive in the third season of the program about her love for both Gabriel and Sofia. She first considers dating the artist, but after learning she is expecting her boyfriend’s child, she reconsiders and thinks about getting married to him. Her bisexuality and her same-sex relationship with Sofia not only increase the drama or difficulties in the show’s storyline but also guarantee that other sexual orientations are represented. Bisexuality may be interpreted as a trait that paves the way for an open relationship between Emily, the gallery owner, and Gabriel.

Both Razat and Emily’s actress, Lily Collins, expressed a desire to see their characters fall in love. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, “Well, if I’m talking about Camille the character, of course I will say [Emily should be with] Alfie because I think he’s genuinely a great guy for her and he has this craziness that maybe Emily needs. But as Camille myself, I would say she should end up with me.” Gabriel’s actor, Lucas Bravo, on the other hand, argued in favor of Camille, Emily, and Gabriel having a friendly connection.

Given that Camille identifies as bisexual, viewers could ask if Razat, the actress who portrays the part, identifies as either homosexual or bisexual. Razat, however, has made the decision to keep her sexual orientation a private matter. She has however stressed the necessity of gay characters being represented in television. In the show, Razat is successful in assuring the same with her depiction of Camille.

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