Is Lucas Bravo Gay? The Emily in Paris Star’s Sexuality Explored!

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Is Lucas Bravo Gay? The Emily in Paris Star’s Sexuality Explored!

Many people wonder if Lucas Bravo, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Emily in Paris, is gay. Well, he isn’t. Even though he hasn’t made any remarks on the rumor, we believe the Gabriel actor is straight as he has never been linked to or spotted with any men.

Lucas Bravo is a brilliant French model and actor best known for his role in the Netflix rom-com series Emily in Paris. He plays the role of chef Gabriel, the female lead’s next-door neighbor and love interest, in the well-liked series. In addition, the native of the Alpes-Maritimes has appeared in a number of other films and television shows, including Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Caprice, Smart A*s, and Ticket to Paradise.

It seems Lucas is again in the spotlight as Emily in Paris Season 3 has already arrived on the streaming platform. The new season began with bangs for our heroine, portrayed by Lily Collins, and finished with a bang, leaving big cliffhangers for the majority of the show’s characters. Even though Camille had an affair with Sofia, a Greek artist, she still got engaged to Gabriel, whose career was on the rise. He became a partner at the restaurant alongside Antoine with the help of Alfie.

Apart from what happens in the show, people are interested in the personal life of Lucas Bravo. As he does not seem to have a partner right now, many people wonder if he is gay. Yes, some people actually believe he is not straight. But what people believe and what the truth is totally different. Well, here’s the truth.

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Lucas Bravo Is Not Gay: While the Emily in Paris Star Has Yet to Make Any Remarks on the Topic, We Believe He Is Straight!

While Lucas Bravo (@lucasnbravo) hasn’t given any official statement regarding his sexual orientation, we don’t believe he is gay. We believe so because there’s no evidence to accuse the Emily in Paris star of not being straight. We can’t speculate about his sexual orientation just because he doesn’t have a partner and is single.

It just might be that he prefers a very private life. Additionally, he has never been linked to or spotted with any men. Now let’s talk about what Lucas has previously said about his possible partner.

However, Bravo does have some dating preferences, such as seeking a companion that will cuddle him awake. He previously stated, “I love when my partner wakes me up in the morning with cuddly, tender… just a sweet wakeup is the best. Kisses on the neck and all that kind of stuff.” Additionally, in an interview with ELLE Australia in 2020, the actor was open and honest about his possible partner. He said,

I don’t have a type or anything. I like that ‘instant connection’. Sometimes, you just run into someone, look at this person in the eyes, and in an instant, in a second, so much is said… Just feeling safe and feeling like there’s an old soul in front of me, and we’ve always known each other [like] in a past life or something… it’s something you cannot see, and that’s mostly what I’m looking for.

Additionally, Bravo appreciates open communication, which he views as the basis of a strong partnership. Instead of attempting to avoid problems, the actor prefers to confront them head-on. When it comes to the physical aspect, Bravo claimed he has no type and instead prefers to make quick connections. The actor claimed that by merely gazing into her eyes, he should be able to quickly connect with his future partner.

Bravo, however, is a real professional and avoids having romantic relationships with his co-stars. However unlikely it may be, it still has a chance of happening. His co-star Camille Razat was previously been linked to Bravo, but it turned out that they were only friends.

However, he does not dispute their amazing relationship as friends and, in a way, as a family. They first connected before Emily in Paris, and their relationship has always been special. In a previous interview, Bravo said that Razat would frequently hang out with him on set and would smash his trailer while they were filming.

According to Lucas Bravo, he wasn’t satisfied with his on-screen character in Season 2. On the show, Gabriel begins courting Emily the lead while continuing to make out with Camille, his ex-girlfriend. “I was frustrated with Gabriel,” he said. “He needed to grow. He’s making bad choices, and he technically cheated on his girlfriend.” Bravo referred to his character as the “boy next door,” which is not at all like the actor in real life.

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