Designer Melanie Rose From Netflix’s How to Build a S*x Room: Age & Website; Is She Married?

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Designer Melanie Rose From Netflix’s How to Build a S*x Room: Age & Website; Is She Married?

Melanie Rose (full name: Melanie Ruth Rose) is the cast and host of Netflix’s How to Build a S*x Room who is a designer and used to make interior designs initially. In the Netflix series, the 57-year-old designs a s*x room for the clients according to their preferences. Melanie also has her own website. She is single in 2022, however, she was previously married to her first husband. Follow the article to know more about Melanie Rose.

For the majority of romantic relationships to be successful, there has to be a suitable and secure space for intimacy. How to Build a S*x Room, a brand-new Netflix series that recently made its debut on the streaming service takes the stage. In every episode, host and designer Melanie Ruth Rose persuades couples to provide personal information. She then imagines the perfect bedroom based on their preferences.

With shows like Interior Design Masters, Dream Home Makeover, and even Queer Eye, Netflix is extending its selection of architecture and design-related entertainment. The streamer wants to tap into the uncharted territory of playrooms constructed with s*xual cravings with this naughty new show. It may be challenging to navigate the market for s*x rooms.

However, Melanie Rose deserves a lot of the credit. She does everything and makes the couple’s desire come true. As a result, many viewers are curious to know more about her. Well, here is everything we know about Melanie Rose.

Previously, we touched on the cost to build similar rooms and the show’s filming location.

Meet Designer Melanie Rose From Netflix’s How to Build a S*x Room: Age & Website; Who Is She Married To?

Melanie Rose, known widely as The Mary Poppins of S*x Rooms, did not begin her adventure in intimate settings. She is an English interior designer who first focused on high-end kitchen and bathroom designs. She also has her own website. About ten years ago, she was forced to create s*x chambers by a client.

At a Netflix press event, she told that she was hesitant at first, but she changed her mind after some research. Melanie Rose stated,

Actually, I was approached by a client of mine and they asked if I had ever designed a s*x room before. It was a bit shocking. And I thought, Why not? Why wouldn’t I go and design a s*x room?

And the rest, as they say, is history.

On the Netflix show, Melanie visits each couple at home and evaluates the room, such as a basement or a spare bedroom, that they wish to use as their s*x room. Before discussing their various eccentricities and bedtime rituals, Melanie discusses the couple’s vision for the space and its essential features. The secret to a good s*x room? She has a range of s*x toys, such as handcuffs and floggers, in her Mary Poppins bag of tricks.

The classic components that make up any kitchen or bathroom are faucets, fixtures, cabinets, and other things. There isn’t much room for innovation aside from the many brands and finishes. On the other hand, designing a s*x room afforded Melanie Rose various chances to use unconventional thinking. She has been excelling in her field for the past ten years.

The 57-year-old designer revealed that when dealing with well-known clients, she occasionally had to sign NDAs. Obviously, these clients don’t appear in How to Build a S*x Room on Netflix.

Rose did talk about one of her favorite designs, despite being unable to go into detail. The room has padding on the walls, making it perfect for role-playing. Rose claims that any space may be converted into a s*x room. Any area that is almost like a fantasy chamber or a room that will offer you an experience falls under this category.

Moreover, Melanie Rose looks to be unmarried in 2022. Adam Gascoine, her ex-husband, was her first husband. But their marriage ended before 2018. Adam works as a freelance writer and video game designer.

After only a brief period of time, people are already speculating about the possibility of a second season of the show. Eight 36 to 45-minute episodes make up the first season. Because everything s**-related succeeds, Season 2 of the show is almost certainly in the making.

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