How to Build a S*x Room Filming Location: The Netflix Series, Hosted by Designer Melanie Rose, Was Filmed in Denver, Colorado; Reddit!

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How to Build a S*x Room Filming Location: The Netflix Series, Hosted by Designer Melanie Rose, Was Filmed in Denver, Colorado; Reddit!

Denver, Colorado was selected as the filming location for the new Netflix series, How to Build a S*x Room. Hosted by designer Melanie Rose, the reality show is all about the couple discussing their s*xual fantasies and letting Melanie make them true. Some Reddit users seek more information about the show. Follow the article to know more about How to Build a S*x Room and more details on its location.

How to Build a S*x Room on Netflix focuses on basically a proper and safe space for intimacy by following interior designer Melanie Rose as she meets various couples with the goal of creating spaces where they can explore their s*xual fantasies.

It’s interesting to note that throughout the show, Melanie Rose meets with her clients to discuss their s*xual fantasies, obsessions, and desires before creating a private space for s*x. In addition, Melanie works with a handful of her customers to explore new imaginations and bring out their wild side in addition to home design.

How to Build a S*x Room is interesting itself, however, many Reddit users wonder where it was filmed. Well, here is everything we know about the Netflix series’ filming locations.

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How to Build a S*x Room Filming Location: The Netflix Series Was Filmed in Denver, Colorado; Know About the Host, Designer Melanie Rose; Reddit Update!

Designer Melanie Rose, the host of the show, talks with couples in the eight-episode season who want to improve their s*x life by creating a dedicated space for intimacy. In the first episode, Rose reveals how she developed her expertise in creating s*x rooms. She explained,

Actually, I was approached by a client of mine and they asked if I had ever designed a s*x room before. It was a bit shocking. And I said, ‘No.’ And I thought about it. Went home. Did some research. And I thought, ‘Why not? Why wouldn’t I go and design a s*x room?’

Melanie clarified that faucets, fixtures, cabinets, and other common furnishings are needed in bathrooms and kitchens to complete the space. She discovered, however, that designing a s*x room forced her to think creatively after her first restoration project. Since then, she has been obsessed and has spent a decade creating these spaces.

Talking about the filming location, How to Build a S*x Room was filmed in Denver, Colorado in the summer 2021 season of the Netflix reality series. Before the main filming started last summer, Melanie Rose created all the interiors. The LA designer from England specializes in opulent bathrooms and kitchens.

According to sources, a wonderful s*x-positive space for Denver residents was created out of a total of 12 spaces. Although some viewers may find the show to be filthy and repulsive, Rose, the host and interior designer of the show, wants them to understand that they can also be luxurious and appealing.

The series introduces viewers to a few couples who are all looking for more personal settings, whether it’s a dedicated s*x room or an updated bedroom that feels cozier.

Basically, any space may serve as a s*x room, Rose remarked. Any room that is almost like a fantasy room, or a room that will offer you an experience, according to Rose, can be considered a s*x room. That is what sets it apart from typical hotel rooms in a small way.

The couples in each episode of How To Build a S*x room are all trying to improve their s*x life. They usually talk to Rose about their relationships and how they want to deepen their connection and intimacy after displaying to her where they want the space to be. Rose is used to her clients being honest, but these frank exchanges rarely take place in front of the camera.

In the Netflix series, soon after the initial introductions, Rose’s clients openly discuss their interests and willingness to try new things with her. Even if a couple first appears hesitant, that doesn’t last for very long. Furthermore, she advises viewers to discuss s*x more and to stop viewing it negatively.

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