Airplane & Backpack Tweet: Matt Rife Controversy Explained!

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Airplane & Backpack Tweet: Matt Rife Controversy Explained!

Matt Rife is getting a lot of criticism for a tweet he made in February about an airplane crash and how a backpack under the legs would interfere with people exiting the plane. Well, here’s a detailed explanation.

Matt Rife has made a name for himself with his captivating stage presence and sense of humor. He began his adventure when he was 14 years old, encouraged by a talent event at his high school.

He began performing stand-up comedy at 15 and quickly progressed to a professional career. His distinct approach, which combines observational humor with improvisation, struck a chord with audiences, resulting in viral TikTok clips and a sizable internet following. This digital fame brought him into the spotlight, garnering him over 10 million TikTok followers and over 260 million global views. And now he has his own Netflix Special, Natural Selection.

Recently, there has been a controversy about a tweet Matt Rife made about the airplane and backpack earlier this year. Even though it has been months since he made the tweet, it has been a subject of concern for many people as he mentioned on his Netflix special. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Matt Rife Airplane & Backpack Tweet Controversy Explained!

In February 2023, Matt Rife (@mattrife) joked in his tweet about how people see survival in airplane crashes, implying that if someone died because the backpack under his legs obstructed an exit during an emergency landing, they were not “fit for this world.”

His tweet, which made fun of survivors of airplane crashes, was widely criticized as rude and inconsiderate to the victims of such horrific events. Many people accused Rife of being insensitive to the victims of plane crashes because of the content of his tweet. However, Rife exhibited no regret for his words in a subsequent tweet, further inflaming the matter.

Rife’s social media past is not without controversy. His previous tweets, which frequently appeared and then disappeared fast, frequently drew accusations of bigotry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rife’s tweet at the Oscars targeting the cast of ‘Parasite‘ was quickly deleted as it was criticized for its racially offensive comments.

Rife’s post implied that the Asian performers in ‘Parasite’ were carriers of the coronavirus, prompting allegations of bigotry. In response to the uproar, Rife removed his post but then commented on the different reactions he had on Twitter versus Instagram, calling Twitter ‘the worst social media network’.

Similarly, Matt Rife’s old tweets from 2012, which were loaded with racial and homophobic obscenities, were discovered in 2016. These remarks came to light following a Twitter debate with another user. According to sources, Rife sought to justify his Snapchat statements, which only increased the fury and vitriol aimed at him.

Despite denying allegations of racism and homophobia in a 2017 interview, attributing his previous comments to teenage ignorance, Rife’s career has been overshadowed by these scandals. His recent airplane crash tweet and accompanying outrage highlight this recurring trend in his public life.

Matt Rife’s Relationship Status: Is He Married?

28-year-old Matt Rife, a TikTok sensation, finds himself at the crossroads of fame and romance. During an interview with People, Rife stressed the importance of his partner Jessica Lord (@jessicajlord) in his life, characterizing her as, “So important to my infrastructure.”

In an interview with Esquire in April 2023, Rife mentioned his wish for a wife and family. He discussed the difficulties of sustaining a relationship while on his demanding six-day-a-week, 52-week-a-year comedy tour.

Matt Rife does not appear to have a plan to get married sooner for now. blurred-reality.comMatt Rife does not appear to have a plan to get married sooner for now.
Image Source: Instagram

While Rife, who has over 25 million social media followers, has had a fast career in the spotlight, one burning question remains: is he married? For the time being, the answer is no. Rife’s dedication to his work has yet to extend to marriage, demonstrating the delicate balance between his burgeoning reputation and personal ambitions.

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