Is Lucien Laviscount Gay? The Emily in Paris Cast’s Sexuality Explored!

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Is Lucien Laviscount Gay? The Emily in Paris Cast’s Sexuality Explored!

Looking at his dating history, we don’t think Lucien Laviscount is gay. Lucie, who plays the role of Alfie in Netflix’s Emily in Paris, has previously been linked to numerous lady celebrities. On the other hand, he has never been linked to any men, which further indicates that he is straight.

Season 3 of Emily in Paris just premiered, but it has already shaped up to be the most dramatic season. Because of its compellingly dramatic narrative, which follows bubbly American marketing professional Emily (Lily Collins) as she struggles to balance her career and relationship in the City of Love after a significant career change, the show has gained a legion of fans.

Lucien Laviscount plays the role of Alfie in Seasons 2 and 3 of the series. Although Emily still has a love for Gabriel, she decides to live with Alfie because of the agreement she made with Camille. The marketing manager decides it is time to establish a strong bond with Alfie after learning that Camille and Gabriel had reunited. Visit Netflix to learn what happens with them in Season 3 of the series.

Now let’s get to the point. Most recently, many people wonder if Lucien Laviscount is gay. Can you believe it? Some people really believe he might be gay because he hasn’t been in a committed relationship for over a decade now. Well, here is everything we know about his sexuality.

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Lucien Laviscount Is Not Gay: Looking at His Dating History, We Believe the Emily in Paris Cast Is Straight!

From what we’ve discovered so far, Lucien Laviscount (@its_lucien) does not appear to be gay at all. Just because he hasn’t been in a serious relationship for a long period of time doesn’t mean he is not straight. In fact, we doubt if he is even aware of the rumors surfacing about his sexuality. Also, he has never been linked to any men before. Furthermore, he has previously been linked to many lady celebrities previously. Want to know more?? We’ve got you covered.

Early in his acting career, Lucien had appearances on shows including Father & Son, Johnny and the Bomb, Clocking Off, and Grange Hill. He afterward went on to play Ben Richardson in Coronation Street, where he remained for a year before departing. After winning a spot in Celebrity Big Brother, Lucien first had feelings for Sophie Reade, a former contestant on Big Brother.

Although Sophie had previously called him the “whole package,” it didn’t take long for rumors of a connection between him and Hollyoaks actress Chelsee Healey to surface. The actors initially connected while filming the BBC One television series Waterloo Road, and pictures of them kissing later revealed their romance.

In 2015, Lucien featured in Scream Queens as Earl Grey, and the rumors mill began churning once more, this time involving him and co-star Keke Palmer. Despite being seen out on several outings together, none of them made an official declaration of their relationship.

When Kelly Osborne and Lucien were spotted holding hands during an “intimate dinner” three years ago, there was speculation that they were dating. Nothing more was said about this relationship, and after this date and just before his appearance in Emily in Paris the previous year, the focus shifted to him and former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson. Although they were seen out together, it was subsequently revealed that they were just friends who happened to run into one another.

Actress Hannah John-Kamen from Game of Thrones is the latest celebrity candidate. Haha!! In 2021, they were seen walking together out of the British Fashion Awards. However, they haven’t been spotted together since the incident, and there has been no proof that they were dating.

Clearly, Lucien Laviscount‘s dating history is evident enough to declare that he is not gay. But we do hope he soon finds his soul mate. We’ll surely get back to you as soon s we get any updates regarding his relationship status.

Emily in Paris: Will Lucien Laviscount Return for Season 4?

According to The Cinemaholic, neither Netflix nor Lucien Laviscount has made any announcements regarding the actor’s departure from Emily in Paris. Even when Alfie and Emily part up, he won’t necessarily completely disappear from her life. Alfie is a motivated banker with sufficient life experience to not waste a good opportunity with a business like Maison Lavaux.

Alfie could decide to stay in Paris rather than move to London if his strategies for setting priorities and defending oneself include continuing to work at his dream career regardless of what transpired with Emily. Additionally, Antoine might not want to take the chance of losing a very effective CFO just because his relationship with Emily ended.

We may anticipate Lucien Laviscount to continue to play a significant role in the fourth season of the show if Alfie chooses to continue working for Antoine. Additionally, just because Alfie and Emily break up doesn’t always mean they’ll never get back together.

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