Unfolding Love Is Blind Memes: Jimmy Edition

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Unfolding Love Is Blind Memes: Jimmy Edition blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Jimmy from Love Is Blind has recently been a victim of online trolls and memes as many people he resembles finger-looking characters from Spy Kids. 

On Valentine’s Day, Love Is Blind returned to Netflix for season 6 with a bang, with 30 new singles looking for love in the pods, but not without some drama. There have been love triangles and love squares, but there have also been proposals, bringing five couples face to face with the person they have fallen in love with despite not seeing them.

In the first six episodes of the new season, Johnny and Amy, Jimmy and Chelsea, AD and Clay, Jeramey and Laura, and Brittany and Kenneth all got engaged, went on their pre-honeymoons, and moved into their new homes.

On the other hand, every season of the show features a great deal of drama. However, in recent years, social media has been the primary source of genuinely jaw-dropping tea. Recently, one season 6 contestant has been heavily roasted across social media, especially on TikTok, as many believe he looks like a thumb.

Thumb Guy From Love Is Blind: Jimmy Roasted Heavily All Over the Internet

Love Is Blind season 6’s Jimmy is getting roasted all over the Internet as many viewers claim he looks like the giant thumb guys from the movie, Spy Kids.

To be honest, we do not really disagree. His facial structure kinda resembles those finger-looking men from the movie. Many memes and trolls have been made about it and viewers do not appear to be stopping roasting Jimmy anytime soon. It seems his and Chelaea’s drama wasn’t the only thing viewers found a reason to roast him. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

Jimmy looks like a thumb.

Another wrote,

Not gonna lie this made me laugh out loud cause I was thinking it too and now can’t unsee it 🤣

Many Love Is Blind viewers refer to Jimmy as the thumb guy. blurred-reality.comJimmy has heavily been criticized for his appearance.
Image Source: Netflix

Meanwhile, another user said that he looked like an unshaved knee,

He looks exactly like my knee when I forget to shave it

While the roasting continues, we would like to remind everyone that people won’t leave you in peace if you give them reasons to dislike you. Chelsea, Jimmy, and their time in the Netflix show were not clearly liked by many viewers even though they gave a lot of entertainment. Chelsea-Megan Fox memes, clingy & annoying comments, etc, the couple just keep on entertaining us more and more.

Love Is Blind: Chelsea Doesn’t Want People to Send Her Memes About Jimmy

A new meme is getting viral all over the Internet: Jimmy from Love Is Blind being compared to those weird looking fingers from Spy Kids is taking the Internet by storm. And it seems his partner, Chelsea, is already being bothered with it.

While Chelsea is dealing with her own criticism, she recently addressed that she is done with people sending her memes about Jimmy. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said,

I feel so sad because everyone’s sending that to me to make me feel better. And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to see this either! Stop!’ The internet’s a wild place, so we just got to ride it out.

Chelsea requests Love Is Blind viewers to stop sending her Jimmy-thumb memes. blurred-reality.comChelsea requests viewers to stop sending her Jimmy’s memes. 
Image Source: Netflix

That’s also how she feels about all of the harsh feedback she’s received since the season began, which shows her asking Jimmy during one of their pod dates if he has any celebrity doppelgangers. She went on to tell him that she is frequently told on aircraft that she resembles Megan Fox.

Aside from the negative comments, she’s trying to enjoy watching her engagement unfold in the Netflix show. Additionally, she also hopes viewers could see more of the positive elements of her relationship with Jimmy, as the season is primarily focused on their respective pod love triangles and post-engagement troubles.

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