Kenneth From Love Is Blind Looks to Be Interested in Men

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Kenneth From Love Is Blind Looks to Be Interested in Men – Many Reddit users believe Kenneth from Love Is Blind is into men because of his lack of interest in Britanny and his facial expression. He even stared at Clay once and said that it turned him on.

Out of all the couples on Love is Blind, we all thought Brittany and Kenneth would make it all the way to the altar. But the two surprisingly decided to end their engagement.

When the two returned from their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, Brittany emotionally confided to him that she no longer “craved” him and believed it was best if they ended their relationship and stopped filming the show. Maybe the latter’s obsession with his phone is to be blamed for their split.

Meanwhile, we have found that many viewers have been assuming that his sexuality had something to do with him not giving attention to his to-be-wife. Many claim that he is not straight. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

Many Love Is Blind Viewers Believe Kenneth Isn’t Straight!

Many Love Is Blind viewers suspect that Kenneth is gay. They believe so as he was mostly not interested in building chemistry with Brittany. They also claim that he “joined the show to prove he is not gay because of his religious beliefs.”

In the Netflix show, he got engaged to Brittany during their time in the pods, tackling some big issues before jumping into an engagement. The couple were astonished by each other’s appearance when they first met. With passion flowing through both of them, the couple appeared content to embrace and begin their time together as a genuinely engaged couple.

However, things changed dramatically when they went on their honeymoon. Brittany and his relationship fell apart in a matter of weeks, leaving season 6 fans perplexed as to why they had opted to get together in the first place.

Amid the speculation, many people strongly believe he is into men. The suspicion came after he made a comment arguably looking at Clay: “Look at this! You turn me on!”

s Blind viewers wonder if Kenneth is gay. blurred-reality.comMany Love Is Blind viewers suspect Kenneth’s sexuality.
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Even though there is no strong evidence that proves that he is not straight, many viewers are convinced that he is not straight and that he was never interested in getting married in the Netflix show.

Reddit Discusses About Kenneth’s Sexuality

Not interested in Brittany, staring at Clay, and making the “turn on” comment has made many Reddit users believe that Kenneth is into men.

While there is nothing wrong with being zesty, viewers are mad about him pretending to be a straight man and participating in a man-woman concept show. In a Reddit discussion, many people expressed their verdict on his sexuality. One person wrote,

Tired of gay/bi men claiming to be straight on these reality shows. If you admit you like D too then we’re gonna have a better story.

Another wrote,

i think kenneth is gay. but because of his uber religious upbringing can’t live in his truth

Similarly, a non-straight Reddit user wrote,

I’ve never been so certain someone is gay. As a gay man watching him do this I feel bad for her. He’s either hiding it, in his own denial or both. all his actions, zero intimacy, turning everything back on her and gaslighting is to protect the real truth here.

Reddit appears to be convinced that Kenneth is gay. blurred-reality.comReddit appears to be convinced that Kenneth is not straight.
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Clearly, he seemed emotionless while splitting with Brittany. While whether or not he is straight remains a mystery for now, we are glad Britanny figured out he wasn’t somebody who she should marry.

On the other hand, we would like everyone to remember that the given information is solely based on our speculation. There’s a chance our speculation might be completely wrong.

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