AD Receiving Criticism for Her Eyes in Love Is Blind

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AD Receiving Criticism for Her Eyes in Love Is Blind – AD from Love Is Blind is getting a lot of criticism for how her eyes looked in the show. Many believe it didn’t suit her and didn’t justify her beauty.

Season 6 of Netflix’s reality dating experiment, Love Is Blind, brings us full circle with Amber “AD” Desiree and Clay Gravesande. They were initially a couple who did not appear to be a good match, but after some obstacles, they got engaged.

At the end of the first six episodes, they were one of the few couples on good ground, with the exception of one especially odd scene in which Clay told her that he would never let her get out of shape and that she would go to the gym with him even if she was pregnant. However, that was just the beginning as we discover that Clay is a “walking red flag.”

However, her choice of men wasn’t the only problem with AD. Despite having a very hot figure, she missed out on lashes as they didn’t suit her and they were all over her eyes. Viewers couldn’t hold back but discuss her style sense. Well, let’s it in detail.

AD’s Eyes in Love Is Blind Was Distracting & Unbearable!

AD, despite being a perfect candidate for a show like Love Is Blind, missed out on a few things in the show, with her choice of eyelashes being the worst. 

Even though makeup, hair, and lashes are secondary elements that highlight the appearance of a person and are not necessarily big issues, viewers could hold back but criticize her choice of wearing heavy lashes and of course, her hairstyle. Many people found it horrible and even distracted.

Viewers believe AD's eyelashes in Love Is Blind ruined her beauty. blurred-reality.comViewers believe AD’s eyes ruined her beauty in the show. 
Image Source: Netflix

Well, we couldn’t agree more. As much as we love her and believe she has a stunning figure, we don’t think her eyes were on point. It was so distracting that we may have missed out on some things she was saying or doing.

While fake lashes are completely normal wherever you go across the world, they might mess up your whole outfit and appearance if you do not get it on point. Had she figured out the proper style with her eyes, we think she would have a different love story in the show. Regardless, we do believe she is one of the most beautiful and sweet contestants with a great personality.

Reddit Slams AD for Her Eye Makeover

Just like everyone, many Reddit users have been criticizing AD for her eyes in the Netflix show. Taking to a Reddit discussion, many slammed her for her big lashes that almost covered all of her eyes. One user wrote,

AD is so pretty but her weave and eyelashes are distracting! I wish I could see her with a cute natural curly style with a cute curly bang. Where are her friends!?!?

Another wrote,

You forgot the mention her caterpillar eyelashes. They look heavy and I don’t know how she keeps her lids open. Girl is so gorgeous but has made some questionable beauty choices.

A third user wrote,

I personally don’t have a problem with AD’s hair but those lashes are atrocious..AD’s lashes are literally the first thing I see and they bug me so much. I wish she would realise how much nicer she would look with something more natural instead of those parrot lashes.

Some users even blamed her stylist:

I find AD’s fake eyelashes are doing her an injustice and hopefully a new lash artist would suggest more wispy lashes. Her full furry eyelash set takes away from her beautiful eyes and made the lashes look unblended on camera.

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