Jimmy’s Female Buddies: Who Was He Previously Romancing?

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Jimmy’s Female Buddies: Who Was He Previously Romancing? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Jimmy has been in trouble ever since he introduced his female pals, Barbara and Maddie, in Love Is Blind. Many claim it is Barbara whom he was previously romancing. However, Jimmy claims that it was neither of them.

Remember the claims surrounding Jimmy‘s alleged affair with Jessica Vestal while engaged to Chelsea Blackwell? The most recent Love Is Blind episodes released on February 28, 2024, refute those rumors. Viewers soon discover that Chelsea reveals something about his romantic history that he would prefer to keep private.

In Episode 10, Chelsea confronts him (the thumb guy) about his female buddies, urging him to stop going out with his close “girls” pals. When he refuses to cooperate, the flight attendant turned event planner reveals his previous relationship with one of them.

Meet Jimmy’s Female Pals, Barbara and Maddie!

In the recently released episodes of Love Is Blind, we get to know more about Jimmy’s “girls” friends, Barbara and Maddie, whom Chelsea met in Episode 9. 

This came after Chelsea and he got into an argument over him spending time with another girl with whom he had previously slept before coming to the Netflix show. He had gone out by himself the night before to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and his two female pals, Barbara and Maddie, were there.

Chelsea doesn't appear to like Jimmy spending time with his girl friends. blurred-reality.comChelsea doesn’t appear to like Jimmy spending time with his female pals.
Image Source: Netflix

Chelsea appeared to be concerned about her lover hanging out with them after he supposedly confessed to her that he hooked up with one of them. Chelsea couldn’t help but notice how frequently he texted them. Chelsea’s previous relationships ended when her partners had female buddies and cheated on her, which is why she got so serious about Barbara and Maddie.

During their conflict, he stated that he did not have a physical relationship with either of them. However, Chelsea wasn’t convinced and said, “You do though. You f—–g do. You told me you f—-d her.”

Reddit Discusses Who Jimmy Previously Slept With

Even though Jimmy said that neither Barbara nor Maddie was his close pal, whom he slept with in the past, many Reddit users are convinced that it was Barbara.

Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

I think the girl with long black hair. He said in a he past he was drawn to girls who look more like Jessica and I see similarities.

Similarly, another wrote,

Well…. I have tea. A few degrees of separation – him and Barbara were f buddies for a year. Wild move to bring her lol.

A third user wrote,

The weirdest part was they are newer friends. Having close girl friends that are from childhood is one thing but 2 years??? Ew very weird. And the blonde girl hugged him like 5 times. V awkward and he’s definitely fucked one or both of them lol

Reddit believes Jimmy previously slept with Barbara. blurred-reality.comReddit believes Jimmy previously slept with Barbara. 
Image Source: Netflix

As per reports, Barbara and the LIB alum have been close for about two years and frequently appear on each other’s social media accounts. Could there have been a spark between them during one of their evenings out? Possibly, but can’t a man and a woman be close without any romance?

Regardless of what the truth is, it’s important to note that this is simply hypothetical, with no substantial evidence of a romantic relationship between them, and neither party has confirmed or denied it. Still, given Barbara’s knowledge of the LIB cast’s s*x drive and emotional inclinations, it raises some issues.

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