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Is Lizze Broadway Transgender? The Truth About Her Sexuality!

Oct 5, 2023 @ 3:28 EDT
Is Lizze Broadway Transgender? The Truth About Her Sexuality!

Lizze Broadway's physique in Gen V has led some viewers to wonder if she is transgender. Well, she isn't. She is and has always been female.

Actress Lizze Broadway, who is known for her performances in The RookieSplitting Up Together, and Here and Now, plays the lead role of Emma Meyer in a new Prime Video series titled Gen V. The series is a spin-off of The Boys.

It follows the lives of the first generation of superheroes in the world of its parent show as they learn about Compound V and come to the realization that their abilities are not divinely bestowed upon them but rather acquired through an injection. In any case, the students of Godolkin University School of Crimefighting compete against one another for the school's highly desired top position, pushing both their moral and physical limits.

With the release of the show, we've discovered that many viewers have been wanting to know if Lizze Broadway is transgender. Well, here is everything you need to know about her sexuality.

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Some Gen V Viewers Wonder if Lizze Broadway Is Transgender!

Lizze Broadway (@lizzebroadway) is not transgender. The Gen V star is and has always been female. However, we are totally aware of why so many people are confused about her sexuality.

Lizze Broadway is not transgender. blurred-reality.comLizze Broadway is not transgender.
Image Source: Instagram

Well, Lizze has been working out a lot, as evidenced in the new Prime Video series. She looks very ripped and her overall upper body, especially her shoulders, doesn't look like of a woman. And it took no time for Reddit users to discuss her new appearance as one wrote,

Is it me, or is Lizze Broadway fit as in lifting weights? She look GOOD!

Similarly, another wrote,

That scene of her in the bathroom with marie I was like omg this girl is ripped

Likewise, another wrote,

I just watched that episode this evening while doing a cardio workout. That was literally my first reaction - that she looked like she lifts.

There is no doubt, Lizze Broadway has been spending a lot of her time in the gym. Even though her masculine physique has led some viewers to wonder if she is transgender., we cannot deny the fact that she looks absolutely beast and stunning.

Learn About Lizze Broadway’s Early Life!

Lizze Broadway was born on February 16, 1998, in Los Angeles, California. She spent her early years in Southern California, where her love of acting and storytelling first took root.

Lizze displayed a strong interest in the arts at a young age. She took part in community theater shows, school plays, and dance workshops, showcasing her talent and commitment to the art form. Her early exposure to the thriving Los Angeles entertainment scene surely had a big impact on how her career developed.

Lizze Broadway had an interest in acting since her childhood. blurred-reality.comLizze Broadway had an interest in acting since her childhood.
Image Source: Instagram

Broadway studied drama and theater arts at the esteemed University of Southern California (USC), where she refined her craft and acquired priceless experience on stage and screen, as a result of her determination to pursue acting. She worked with other young artists and engaged herself in numerous acting projects while attending USC to prepare herself for the cutthroat entertainment industry.

Her early years were defined by her unwavering pursuit of her goals. She finally found success in both television and movies thanks to her dedication to her work and unmistakable talent. She became well-known for her work in well-known television programs like The Rookie and Splitting Up Together, which demonstrated her acting range and adaptability.

Lizze Broadway continued to pursue her love of theater in addition to her screen roles, taking part in stage performances that enhanced her image as a versatile performer.

As of now, she has proved to be a versatile actress and her stardom has forever gone upwards. In addition to Gen V, her other popular credits include The RookieSplitting Up TogetherHere and Now, and American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules.

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