Chance Perdomo Getting Slammed Online for Following Incel, Racist & Misogynist Beliefs!

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Chance Perdomo Getting Slammed Online for Following Incel, Racist & Misogynist Beliefs!

Chance Perdomo is currently making headlines as many people have been calling him out for liking and following incel, racist & misogynist beliefs. Well, here’s a complete report.

Chance Perdomo, who plays the role of Andre Anderson in the recently released Gen V on Prime Video, has been making headlines ever since the release of the show. However, it is not for his performance.

In case you’re unaware, Gen V is the spin-off of The Boys. Compound V babies have grown up and are now enrolled in college to study crimefighting, so there are many new Supers to meet this year. Some of them are nice, while others will undoubtedly cause Butcher and the lads problems in the future.

Coming back to the topic, Chance Perdomo is currently being backlashed online as people have discovered that he follows “misogynistic, transphobic, racist incel” beliefs. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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People Have Discovered That Chance Perdomo Is a Follower of Incel, Racist, Transphobic & Misogynist Beliefs!

Chance Perdomo (@chance_perdomo) has been getting a lot of criticism online, especially on Reddit, for following racist Incel beliefs and liking such posts on Instagram. Not only that, people have discovered that he follows numerous misogynistic and transphobic pages such as RedPillHub, Red Pill Elite, Unwokeism, Right wing savages, traditional masculinity, Alpha, Omega, and Sigma, and Masculine Mindset.

One of the most popular posts that he liked read:

If you think an 18 year old is too young to own a rifle; But a 16 year old is mature enough to vote; A 14 year old is enough to get an abortion without parental consent; And a 3 year old is mature enough to decide their own gender; Then you are the problem.

However, do note that the list includes only a few pages he follows at the time of this writing. He has been unfollowing many other pages since getting slammed on the Internet.

Additionally, Chance Perdomo allegedly liked an Instagram post from the worth__fighting__for in which the author advised readers to marry a lady who is more concerned with starting a family than being an independent woman. Additionally, he also allegedly liked an Instagram post that displayed the “signs of a high-value woman.”

In addition to misogynist and incel pages, the Andre Anderson actor also happens to be a follower of Andrew Tate,  a controversial internet personality who doesn’t hesitate to share his misogynistic beliefs.

Reddit & Twitter Users React on Chance Perdomo’s Controversy!

Chance Perdomo is getting slammed on the Internet for being an incel. blurred-reality.comChance Perdomo is getting slammed on the Internet for being an incel.
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Of course, many people reacted to recent Chance Perdomo‘s controversy on different social platforms and it seems not a single person is defending him. Everyone is pointing him out and many have been keeping an eye on his recent activities as well.

One person on Twitter wrote,

chance perdomo was liking pro bernie and pro vax tweets in 2020 but in 2023 has been following multiple right wing/incel/white supremacists on his Twitter and Instagram and liking ‘red pill’ posts….what happened

Similarly, another wrote,

Not Chance Perdomo turning out to be a weirdo nigcel after I was JUST simping for him on Generation V

Likewise, a user on Reddit noted that he has been blocking those who have been criticizing him:

Unliked the problematic tweets and is blocking everyone who calls him out. It’s funny how he is going through these screenshots one by one and unliking and unfollowing the posts & pages mentioned in them and then blocking them for calling him out.

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