Strictly Come Dancing: Is Nikita Kuzmin Gay?

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Strictly Come Dancing: Is Nikita Kuzmin Gay?

No, Nikita Kuzmin from Strictly Come Dancing isn’t gay. He is and has always been straight. Matter of fact, he is currently in a relationship with a podcaster named Charlie Backshall.

Nikita Kuzmin is a Ukrainian-Italian professional dancer and choreographer who is widely popular for appearing in Let’s Dance and Strictly Come Dancing. Born in Ukraine, he and his family moved to Italy when he was just 9 years old. He is also the 6 times winner of the Italian Championship.

In Season 21 of Strictly Come Dancing, Nikita is paired with Layton Williams, who is openly gay. As a result, many people wonder if Nikita is gay. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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People Wonder if Nikita Kuzmin Is Gay Since He Has a Gay Partner in Strictly Come Dancing Season 21!

Nikita Kuzmin‘s sexuality has been a subject of concern ever since he was paired with a gay star, Layton Williams, in Season 21 of Strictly Come Dancing. Matter of fact, Nikit has even posted multiple pictures and clips with Layton on his Instagram.

And there is no doubt their chemistry looked incredible, both on and off the stage. As a result, many people wonder if the Ukrainian-born dancer is gay. Well, he isn’t. He is and has always been straight.

Nikita Kuzmin is not gay. blurred-reality.comNikita Kuzmin is not gay.
Image Source: Instagram

Even though Nikita has not given any statement regarding his sexuality, his dating history clarifies that he isn’t and has never been gay. Previously, he was in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Nicole Wirt, who is also a professional dancer and choreographer. However, the couple decided to part ways in October 2021.

Right after their split, there were rumors that he might have been dating Molly Rainford. However, the rumor disappeared as soon as it was confirmed that he was dating Australian sex podcaster, Charlie Backshall.

Dancing with a gay man does not mean you’re gay too. One cannot be biased in choosing their partners for a dance, especially when you’re a professional dancer on a very popular TV show. Likewise, Nikita (@nikita__kuzmin) danced with Layton with his heart because of his profession.

Know About Nikita Kuzmin’s Current Girlfriend, Charlie Backshall!

Nikita Kuzmin and his current girlfriend, Charlie Backshall. blurred-reality.comNikita Kuzmin and his current girlfriend, Charlie Backshall.
Image Source: Splash

It was revealed in December 2022 that Nikita Kuzmin is dating an Australian sex podcaster, Charlie Backshall, just 2 months after his split with his long-time partner, Nicole Wirt. However, the couple has been secretive about their relationship.

According to MailOnline, a source told,

Nikita is very aware of his brand and the fact that he stars on the most family friendly show on TV, so dating a sex podcaster conflicts hugely. He wanted to keep the relationship a secret until after the 2022 series had finished because he didn’t want it overshadowing his part in the show, where he danced with Paralympic star Ellie. But now Charlie is speaking openly about their relationship he knows it’ll soon come out. He really likes her and hopes their romance will work long distance.

And it appears Charlie is very supportive of the decision to keep their relationship private. In an eighth episode of her podcast, she revealed,

Guys, I have some very, very big news… I have a boyfriend. I have a whole entire boyfriend…The bad news is he’s a public figure… don’t try and figure out who he is, I don’t follow him on Instagram for that matter, but his brand is very family friendly… my brand is not family friendly so I’m sort of just following his lead in terms of how public we’re making things. We’re not posting anything just yet we’re keeping it very on the down low…

Nikita Kuzmin and his new girlfriend were even spotted holding their hands in public. Since then, the couple has not given any glimpse of their romance. It seems they are pretty good at keeping things out of the spotlight.