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Larsa Pippen Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures Examined!

Oct 13, 2023 @ 9:40 EDT
Larsa Pippen Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures Examined!

Larsa Pippen looks drastically different than before after receiving plastic surgery procedures. She openly admits to getting a nose job, lip augmentation, and breast augmentation to enhance her beauty.

Larsa Marie Pippen is an American reality television personality, socialite, and entrepreneur who has been a regular on Bravo's reality series, The Real Housewives of Miami since its debut in 2011. Furthermore, she is also well known as the ex-wife of, Scottie Pippen, a former NBA player.

Over the years, Larsa gained specific notice for her personal appearance and transformation. However, this has sparked discussion and interest in her possible involvement in plastic surgery. So, join us as we investigate the rumors and look into the evidence surrounding her alleged transformation.

We hope to provide insights into any notable changes in Larsa Pippen's appearance and provide a full view of her development by analyzing her before and after images. Well, let's dive straight into it.

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Larsa Pippen Has Been Open About Having Plastic Surgery to Improve Her Appearance!

Larsa Pippen's (@larsapippen) plastic surgery transformation is visible, with considerable changes in her appearance throughout the years. She had a different appearance in her early years, particularly during her marriage to retired NBA player Scottie Pippen.

Larsa Pippen before and after plastic surgery. blurred-reality.comLarsa Pippen before and after plastic surgery. 
Image Source: Blurred-Reality

However, the reality TV star herself admitted that she has undergone a series of cosmetic procedures in order to achieve her current appearance. She openly admits to getting a nose operation, lip augmentation, and breast augmentation, all of which contributed to her current attractive image.

Larsa Pippen stated this at the March 2022 The Real Housewives of Miami reunion. She also stated that she had her breasts modified prior to the third season of the show. She stated, “I’ve had my nose done. I’ve had my lips done. And that’s basically it,” adding that she got her breasts done before season three of the show.

But she doesn't feel guilty about participating. She even described herself as very progressive when it came to undergoing surgery. She continued, “I’m into trends and I feel like whatever makes me feel good and look good, I’m willing to do. I’m that person. I’m very happy with the way I look.”

Although Larsa Pippen claims to have only undergone the three procedures she discussed at the gathering, she acknowledges that her body has altered and that she now makes an effort to maintain her form. The Chicago native told host Andy Cohen,

I literally work out seven days a week. If I show you my photos from five years ago, I was less than 100 pounds. I’m 140 pounds now, so yeah, my legs look thicker than they were, my arms look thicker than they were. My whole body has changed … My body’s tight because I work out.

She continued, “I feel like I’m very progressive. I’m into trends, and I feel like whatever makes me feel good and look good, I’m willing to do. I’m that person,” she explained. “I’m very happy with the way I look.”

While others hypothesized about additional procedures, Larsa has stated that her curves are the result of regular workouts, not a Brazilian Butt Lift. Her openness about her transition demonstrates her confidence in her decisions and her determination to feel comfortable in her own flesh.

However, Larsa Pippen doesn't guarantee that she won't get additional plastic surgery. She stated that she constantly considers what is popular and will attempt something new if necessary. On the other hand, she is content with the progress she's making on her own for the time being.

Larsa Pippen’s Net Worth!

Larsa Pippen's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million in 2023. Her experience in the entertainment sector, together with her entrepreneurial endeavors, has contributed greatly to her financial success.

Larsa Pippen's estimated to be around $20 million. blurred-reality.comLarsa Pippen's estimated to be around $20 million.
Image Source: Instagram

Larsa rose to fame through her appearances on The Real Housewives of Miami, gaining broad exposure and then leveraging her celebrity to explore several business endeavors in various fields. She then appeared on other prominent reality series, such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, due to her strong friendship with the Kardashian family.

Aside from her media appearances, she has demonstrated her business aptitude by owning and managing various businesses. She stepped into the field of entrepreneurship by creating, Larsa Marie, a high-end jewelry collection that emphasizes empowering women and self-expression through accessories.

Larsa Pippen's remarkable net worth reflects her long-standing presence in the spotlight and savvy investments, as well as her accomplishments in the entertainment industry and as a successful entrepreneur.

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