Did Bandman Kevo Get a BBL? Before and After Pictures Examined!

Bikram Karki

Did Bandman Kevo Get a BBL? Before and After Pictures Examined! blurred-reality.com

Yes, Bandman Kevo previously received a BBL along with liposuction. We can see the difference in his body in his before and after pictures. The American rapper has been transparent about it as he claims to be happy with the result.

Bandman Kevo (real name: Kevin Ford) is a Chicago, Illinois-based rapper. His first single, How We Do It, was released in June 2020, and he quickly rose to prominence among other scam rap artists like Babytron, Teejayx6, and Kasher QuonUber, his most successful song, was released in 2019. The song has received over 3 million Spotify streams, helping Kevo in maintaining almost 100,000 monthly listeners on the site.

Recently, Kevo has been making headlines as another rapper, JackBoy, accused him of receiving a BBL on his Instagram live stream. As a result, many people have been curious to know if the accusation is true. Well, let’s find it out.

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Bandman Kevo Previously Received a BBL & Liposuction in Order to Get Ride of Excessive Fat!

JackBoy has spread rumors about BandMan Kevo getting a BBL. Displayed a variety of fitness equipment at his house in a live broadcast video, he said,

For y’all don’t have to be on none of these hard drugs. For y’all don’t have to go get no surgeries and be laying on your back. Laying on your back getting the BBL like BandMan. Imma show you everything you need. This all you need at the crib…And look, I just got this. Get you a pull up bar. Dip bar. No sir. This is all you crib. So you don’t need, don’t go get no BBL.

And yes, it’s true that BandMan Kevo has received a BBL. Previously, he received liposuction as well as BBL to get rid of excessive fat. While he did lose some weight while he was in prison, the gym didn’t help him lose weight after getting out of prison. Later, the doctor recommended him to get the surgery. He told,

My stomach was still, like, flubbery (sic). I actually went to my doctor who told me, you gotta get lipo to get rid of love handles.

So the rapper proceeded with the liposuction and even had a BBL to finish things up, prompting the internet to turn on him when he revealed the results on Instagram. You can clearly see the difference in his before and after pictures. However, he is happy with the outcomes and joked about taking advantage of the critics by giving free liposuction and BBL. He added,

I can now go overseas and take my shirt off. It’s better, I just feel better. To be honest, I’d do it again…If i see something on my body that I want to make better. I’ll make it better.

On the other hand, why men getting cosmetic plastic surgery is a problem? Cosmetic surgery has been stigmatized in our society. True, a BBL is a high-risk operation, and we have just witnessed the dreadful effects of the procedure. The desire for surgery, on the other hand, is not the issue. The desire for a larger butt is not the issue. The issue, at least according to culture, is that a BBL is deemed feminine. A large butt is considered feminine. And God forbid that a man not be as flat as a board and as muscled as possible.

Bandman Kevo Uses OnlyFans to Share His Financial Knowledge!

Bandman Kevo (@bandman_kevo) is well-known for his successful rap career, which has resulted in millions of streams. But he’s more than just a musician. The Chicago rapper is also a financial adviser and entrepreneur. His dual presence in music and finance has provided him with unique perspectives and knowledge.

BandMan Kevo uses OnlyFans to share his financial advises. blurred-reality.comBandMan Kevo uses OnlyFans to share his financial advises.
Image Source: Instagram

While many successful public personalities are content to keep their secrets to themselves, Bandman is eager to share everything with his audience. OnlyFans is one of the tools he’s utilizing to do so, but he’s not using it to publish explicit material.

Bandman Kevo’s OnlyFans account is one of several venues where he provides financial ideas, blueprints, and recommendations to equip his followers with the information needed to manage their finances and grow revenue in a sustainable manner. Using OnlyFans’ exclusivity, his subscribers have access to all he’s learned over the years about money management and wealth development.