Find Khani Le on Instagram: Longest Third Date Update!

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Find Khani Le on Instagram: Longest Third Date Update!

Khani Le from Netflix’s Longest Third Date can be found on Instagram at (@khani_le). However, it seems she prefers a private life as she has kept it private. 

Longest Third Date on Netflix portrays the true story of Khani Le and Matt Robertson, a couple who met on Hinge and then embarked on an adventure of a lifetime when they chose to go to Costa Rica in March of 2020, just before the COVID-19 epidemic brought the world to a complete stop.

The first of many return flights were canceled just four days into what was meant to be a romantic vacation for an unforgettable third date, and the uncertainty of their stay in Costa Rica started. Being stranded in another nation may be terrifying, especially when infections are spreading over the world and the hotel you reserved for a few days closes, forcing you to leave.

Now that the streaming platform has portrayed their story, both Khani Le and Matt Robertson have been getting attention from a lot of people all around the world. People want to know more about them, especially Khani. Well, here’s everything you need to know about her with her Instagram handle.

Longest Third Date: Find Khani Le on Instagram at (@khani_le)!

You can find Khani Le on Instgaram at (@khani_le). She has 0 posts, 154 followers, and 282 followings on the platform. The number is very low because the Longest Third Date star has kept it private. It seems she does not really prefer to share her personal life with the public. On the other hand, Matt Robertson is comfortable sharing his personal life at (@moviematt305). Now let’s get to know more about their relationship in detail.

Khani Le and Matt Robertson.Khani Le and Matt Robertson.
Image Source: Instagram

When the COVID outbreak started, Matt Robertson and Khani Le, two New Yorkers, became trapped in Costa Rica on a spontaneous third date. In February 2020, Matt, a 34-year-old marketing professional, and Khani, a 32-year-old publicist, met on Hinge. After going on their first date to an Indian restaurant and their second date to an axe-throwing site, they decided to travel on their third date overseas.

Matt and Khani took a long weekend getaway to Costa Rica after booking spontaneous flights there; unfortunately, their flight was canceled owing to COVID spreading over the world, leaving them trapped there.

In the video, Matt says, “We’re running out of clothes to wear, we’re running out of new things to talk about.” The pair, as shown in The Longest Third Date, went on short dates together. While they got closer, spending so much time in one other’s company proved exhausting, as Matt admitted: “It can get a little taxing, not ready for marriage any time soon that’s for sure. It’s not even like a normal relationship… locked up, quarantined, abroad.”

The new couple ended up trapped in Costa Rica for three months after failing to rebook their tickets and switching between various Airbnbs. Khani Le was concerned that she was “going back to old patterns” and that she was beginning to lose herself “as a person” since she had not wanted to get into a relationship once more. The two were able to board a government-sponsored aircraft home after 79 days, but they didn’t disclose their relationship status or what would happen once they returned to New York.

The documentary reveals that the couple is still together at the end:

Matt and Khani moved in together one month after coming home. Matt and Khani drove across the country to meet each other’s parents. Eight months after that, they celebrated their one year anniversary. They have a dog together named Banks. Matt’s man-bun still exists, for now. Matt and Khani are still on the longest third date.

Khani Le and Matt Robertson are still together.Khani Le and Matt Robertson are still together.
Image Source: Instagram

Matt and Khani appear to be still together as of this writing. They are both shown in a producer named Mike Ang’s Instagram picture, who went to dinner with the pair. The pair said in a statement to that they decided to get tattoos to remember their time in Costa Rica, with Matt adding: “Now the pressure, I think, for me is — what am I going to do for a fourth date?” The couple now lives together and shares a Blue Frenchie named Banks.