Kento Yamazaki’s GF/Girlfriend: Single or Married? Know About the Arisu Actor’s Relationship With Suzu Hirose!

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Kento Yamazaki’s GF/Girlfriend: Single or Married? Know About the Arisu Actor’s Relationship With Suzu Hirose!

Kento Yamazaki, the lead actor in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland, does not seem to have a GF/girlfriend in 2022. And of course, he has never been married. However, rumors suggest that the Arisu actor is dating Suzu Hirose. While nothing has been revealed about their relationship yet, we’re bound to believe Kento Yamazaki is currently single.

The Netflix survival action thriller series Alice in Borderland was created from the same-named manga series by Haro Aso. It follows the tale of a group of people who are compelled to play progressively deadlier games in order to survive after becoming stranded in a bizarre and deserted version of Tokyo.

Four suits of cards stand in for the four different game kinds. Hearts signify psychological, clubs for collaboration, diamonds for intelligence, and spades for the physical. The card’s number indicates the level of difficulty; the greater the number, the riskier the game. If the first season focuses on the number cards, season two moves the emphasis to the face cards. While this is happening, the main character Ryohei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), and his friends and allies work to overcome every obstacle in order to return to their previous reality.

Following Kento Yamazaki’s appearance in the series, he is gaining a lot of popularity and fans online are curious to know about Kento’s relationship and wonder if he has a GF/wife or if he is single. Read this article to learn more about the most recent Kento Yamazaki relationship.

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Kento Yamazaki’s Girlfriend/GF in 2022: The Cast of Alice in Borderland Is Said to Be in a Relationship With Hirose Suzu, a Japanese Actress, and Model!

According to reports, Kento Yamazaki (@kentooyamazaki), who plays Ryohei Arisu in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland, does not seem to have a GF/girlfriend. Yes, the Arisu actor is single and unmarried in 2022. While rumors suggest that he is currently in a relationship with Suzu Hirose (@suzu.hirose.official), neither of them has yet made any announcement regarding their relationship. Hence, we can’t just assume that he has a GF based on the rumor.

Because Kento Yamazaki, like most famous people, likes to keep his personal and romantic life private, be sure to check back frequently as we’ll keep this page updated with the latest rumors and dating news.

Meanwhile, Ooishi Suzuka aka Hirose Suzu (born on June 19, 1998, in Shizuoka City), is a Japanese actress and model who received the Newcomer Of The Year honor at the Japan Academy Awards for her performance in the 2015 film Umimachi Diary (aka Our Little Sister). Two years later, she appeared in another Hirokazu Koreeda film, The Third Murder, which was also shown at TIFF in Canada. Furthermore, she has been doing commercials and even appearing in videos since 2013.

Shukan Bunshun, a Japanese tabloid recently published several photos of the two of them together and broke the news that the couple is now in a relationship. According to the tabloid, the photos show Suzu returning home from work on June 18, just before her 24th birthday, with Kento waiting for her. They were later seen leaving Suzu’s house separately but entering the same car driven by Kento. They were later seen returning late at night to Suzu’s house.

They previously collaborated on the live-action version of Your Lie in April 2016. During that time, the two were said to be very close, but they were later revealed to be dating other people. When asked about the dating rumors, both actors’ agencies stated that they will not interfere in their clients’ private lives. Suzu was last seen in the movie, Wandering, while Kento is making his return as Arisu in Alice in Borderland.

Kento Yamazaki’s roles in the television dramas Good Doctor, L DK, Heroine Shikkaku, Orange, and Death Note adaption have made him a well-known actor and model in Japan. In just eleven years of professional employment, Yamazaki has established himself as a well-known face throughout Asia and the rest of the world because of his versatile acting abilities and attractive personality. As a result, he is currently the crush of many young girls.

Kento was also previously linked to Tao Tsuchiya (@taotsuchiya_official), though their relationship was not officially confirmed. According to the report, they were in a relationship from 2016 to 2017. Meanwhile, Tsuchiya is also a well-known name in Japan for her work as an actor, model, and dancer. Her younger brother, Shimba Tsuchiya, is also an actor, and her older sister, Honoka, works in the modeling industry. She has proven that she is just as talented as her siblings, despite coming from a family where all of her siblings are well-known figures in the media.

This actress and Kento Yamazaki played a couple in Alice in Borderland. The fact that this series has been such a worldwide success has drawn attention to both of them as a couple. They have great chemistry behind the camera, which is visible to both netizens and the camera. They never, however, went into great detail about any of these topics.

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