Momoka Inoue Actor/Cast in Alice in Wonderland: Know About the Witch Actress!

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Momoka Inoue Actor/Cast in Alice in Wonderland: Know About the Witch Actress!

Momoka Inoue, one of the characters in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland, is played by actor Kina Yazaki. While not much information is available about the witch actress/cast, we’ve discovered that she is new in the acting industry.

When the Beach was formed to let all of the players pool their winning cards and collaborate to create winning tactics during the events of Netflix‘s Alice In Borderland, we saw that the characters appeared to have been able to hack the whole game. The Ten of Hearts game, which was the final one they needed to win before the Face Cards appeared, was what ultimately brought an end to their alliance since it signaled the start of a real witch hunt to identify the “witch” responsible for killing Momoka Inoue.

And it appears that Momoka herself was the witch in the series who killed Momoka. She killed herself to give her friends the chance to return to the outside world. She participated in the game as one of the dealers the entire time since she helped the game’s organizers start the witch hunt game.

Many viewers feel very upset as Momoka sacrificed herself to save her friends. On the other hand, people also have been curious to know about the actor/cast who played the role of Momoka. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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The Role of Momoka Inoue in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland Is Played by Actor Kina Yazaki: Learn More About the Cast in Detail!

To answer your question, the role of Momoka Inoue (the witch) in Alice in Borderland is played by Kina Yazaki (@kinayazaki). Her character, Momoka, and her friend were told that one of them had to die in order for the other to escape. Momoka killed herself in the hope that her friend would be able to escape and return to reality. The game began at that point.

Talking about Kina Yazaki, it seems that it hasn’t been long since she started her acting career. Therefore, not much information about her is available right now. On the other hand, we have yet to discover the other projects she has been involved with.

Looking at her Instagram the Momoka actress looks very decent. No doubt, her beauty is the highlight of what she posts. However, we’ve found that she loves to spend time on the beach. Many of her Instagram pictures include her enjoying the beach. Additionally, she also hasn’t hinted at anything about her relationship status.

While more things have yet to be revealed, we’re certain that the young and beautiful actress will certainly gain popularity. We’ll get back to you again as soon as we get more information about Kina Yazaki.

Here’s Why Momoka Killed Herself in Alice in Borderland!

The fact that no one had ever solved the Ten of Hearts game before Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) was owing to the fact that not many of them had played a Hearts game before. As previously indicated in the show, Hears games were meant to wreak havoc with players’ emotions and impair their ability to reason clearly and logically. Arisu was imprisoned the entire while the players were killing one another.

But after eventually making his way out, Arisu was able to use his mix of emotional and rational intellect to determine that none of the persons on the Beach was the witch. That’s because Momoka, who committed herself for the game to begin, was truly the witch.

As a result, all they had to do to put an end to the game was burn Momoka’s body. If they had merely attempted to work well enough together and solve the riddle before murdering individuals at random, all of the bloodsheds that started as a result of the Ten of Hearts game may have been prevented.

In fact, Momoka was one of the “dealers” who dealt with the game’s organizers. One of them had to die so the other might escape, her friend and she were told. Hence, Momoka committed suicide, thinking that by dying, her friend would be free to go and return to the real world.

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