Chelsea’s Behavior on Love Is Blind Season 6 Was Intolerable

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Chelsea’s Behavior on Love Is Blind Season 6 Was Intolerable – Chelsea has to be the most popular yet hatest Love Is Blind season 6 contestant as many viewers believe her behavior in the show was intolerable.

Out of 15 men and 15 women in Love Is Blind season 6, Chelsea has to be the most aggravating cast member of the season due to multiple obvious reasons, including if she is trans. Her journey started in a pretty dramatic way as she was part of a love quadrangle in the pods.

Trevor Sova gave her his complete attention, while Jimmy Presnell was equally interested in Jessica Vestal. Chelsea and Jessica were both aware that they were pursuing the same man, just as Jimmy and Trevor were aware of their mutual interest in Chelsea.

Jessica revealed to Jimmy late in the drama that she has a ten-year-old kid. Jimmy was surprised by the news and began to pull toward Chelsea more. Trevor acknowledged his feelings for Chelsea quickly, whereas Jimmy took longer. Jimmy was the first of the two to propose to Chelsea, and she accepted. The two had an unpleasant initial meeting but moved on to the vacation phase of the experiment, where her insecurities went out of this world.

As a result, she has been receiving a lot of backlash all over social media, especially on Reddit. They believe she is intolerable in every way. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

Even Jimmy States That Chelsea Was Possessive in Love Is Blind Season 6

Not only Love Is Blind season 6 viewers but Jimmy himself called Chelsea “clingy” when she complained and kinda started an argument about Jimmy not kissing her once that day at the end of Episode 8. Jimmy said:

I’m not going to be able to tell you that I love you every hour of the day just because I work from home Honestly, I bit the living shit out of my lip and it hurts to talk. I love you to death and I really do care about you, but truthfully, you’ve been a little clingy.

Love Is Blind viewers as well as Jimmy believe that Chelsea is clingy. blurred-reality.comLove Is Blind viewers have been slamming Chelsea for her behavior.
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The couple had a heated moment as she clearly didn’t like his choice of words. Of course, she didn’t take a second to respond to Jimmy’s comment. She replied,

Clingy? … Clingy? Are you f*cking kidding me? That was f*cking rude….I do not ever want to be with someone who says I’m ‘too clingy,’ especially someone who put a f*cking ring on my finger.”

In her defense, she recently took to TikTok and addressed her time in the Netflix show as a unique experience, labeled herself as a “very emotional person”, and she won’t apologize.

Love Is Blind Fans Claim That They Can’t Tolerate Chelsea Anymore

Chelsea’s journey in Love Is Blind has not been good so far as her insecurities have many viewers label her as the “most annoying contestant” of the show. 

While it seems as if all she is wants to be loved by Jimmy, she gets over the line sometimes. On his first day back at work, he didn’t kiss her since he was more worried about his job than showing her affection in front of her friends. She wants Jimmy to validate her to the extent that everyone feels she is irritating.

Taking to a Reddit discussion, many users expressed Cheslea’s insecurities. One person wrote,

Omg she is sooo annoying.. she is so clingy and insecure. She’s unbearable in EP 8

Similarly, another wrote,

Her insecurity is very annoying. How draining would it be to be with someone who constantly needs validation 24/7. My god. This girl needs to do some work on herself.

Chelsea Is So Insecure That Most Viewers Absolutely Hate Her

Chelsea is not having a good time because of her insecurities. She is so needy and desperate that people do not appear to like it at all. 

One might say that all she is asking is a bare minimum but most people are behavior. Of course, some Reddit users feel the same:

It’s cringey to see how needy she is. She is always finding fault and it’s like nothing is never enough for her. She is so insecure and she is projecting her insecurities to a point of making things or assuming things.

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