Laura Claims Jeremy Hooked up With Another Woman

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Laura Claims Jeremy Hooked up With Another Woman – The recent episodes of Love Is Blind indicate that Jeremy might have betrayed Laura. Likewise, most Reddit users believe he was lying the entire time he was explaining the night he was out till 5 a.m.

Three new episodes of Love Is Blind were released on Wednesday, offering viewers insights about a certain person who may have betrayed his fiancé. The preview included a scene of a lady yelling at her partner, urging him to admit to sleeping with someone else.

Many viewers believe it could be Chelsea yelling at Jeremy to tell Laura the truth about him sleeping with Sarah Ann. What do you think? Well, let’s find it out together.

Love Is Blind: Jeremy Might Have Betrayed Laura

Things have changed for Jeremy and Laura as the new episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 hint that he might have cheated on his to-be-wife.

For your context, Laura confronts him for staying out until 5 a.m. with Sarah Ann at the end of Episode 9. He explained that after running into Sarah Ann while he was meant to be with his friends, he went over to talk to her since she “was mad about certain things.” He says that he went to Lost and Found.

Sarah Ann was one of the girls Jeremy connected within the pods, but he ended things with her by proposing to Laura. Meanwhile, she is unhappy with him and tells him that things are “adding up.” She refused to believe that her fiancé and Sarah were simply talking.

“I don’t f*cking believe you,” she said. She then revealed that according to Jeramey’s location, he was not in the Lost & Found parking lot, but rather near Sarah’s house. She added,

You weren’t even in South End. You were north of Uptown which is where Sarah Ann lives.

All the evidence suggests that Jeremy cheated on Laura. blurred-reality.comAll the evidence suggests that Jeremy was lying to Laura. 
Image Source: Netflix

Additionally, it was also discovered that Sarah Ann messaged him directly and followed her. What added flame to the fire was when Laura read the exact message Sarah texted that read:

Glad to see you’re home. I wanted to reach out to thank you for the experience we shared together. Getting to know you, and opening up to you meant so much. I genuinely hope you’re happy…If there’s ever a chance your mind is shifting in your choice I would love the opportunity to meet you regardless of whatever way you go.

All of this strongly indicates that he might have betrayed his fiance. Since none of the Love Is Blind contestants follow Jeremy or Sarah, there’s a high chance he might have broken his engagement and decided to be with Sarah. Well, we shall find in on the upcoming episode.

Reddit Discusses Jeremy’s Sus Behavior

Even though we have yet to find out whether or not Jeremy and Laura tie the knot in Love Is Blind, many Reddit users believe that he hooked up with Sarah Ann. They are convinced that he and Sarah did not just have a talk the other night he was out till 5 a.m.

Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user said that the way he explained the night to his to-be-wife was completely made up. The user wrote,

I knew he was lying as soon as he opened his whre mouth. That tone he took when describing how the night went — THAT is the exact tone that a cheater takes when telling you the beginning of his bulls*it. That kind of annoyed, condescending tone. Always remember that ladies.

Reddit users are convinced that Jeremy cheated on Laura. blurred-reality.comReddit users are convinced that Jeremy and Sarah Ann were hooking up.
Image Source: Netflix

Similarly, another wrote.

The way Jeremy was tongue tied and at one point said “i dont want to discuss this” was just ?????? you dont want to discuss who you cheated with to your fiance?? like how tf do these men think that’s ok? and couldn’t say one constructive word in his own defense — he was caught red handed.

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