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Josh Bradley From Down for Love: Find Him on Instagram!

Aug 15, 2023 @ 12:32 EDT
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Josh Bradley From Down for Love: Find Him on Instagram!

Josh Bradley from Netflix's Down For Love got a Fair Play award for the C squad at Special Olympics Howick-Pakuranga in 2015. However, the 34-year-old doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Down for Love is a groundbreaking reality dating show that premiered on New Zealand television in 2022. The program deviates from traditional dating show rules by featuring individuals with Down syndrome, all of whom are on a sincere quest for true and profound personal connections.

The Netflix docuseries encourage sincerity, genuine emotions, and the creation of lasting ties, in stark contrast to the common trend of staged theatrics in many dating shows. This novel method has gotten a lot of attention, emphasizing the show's realistic and joyful portrayal of love and relationships.

And Josh Bradley is one of the cast members we meet in the series. So, if you are curious to know about his personal life and wonder about his background, here is everything you need to know.

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Josh Bradley From Down for Love Was Born in 1999 to His Parents Nicola and Todd Bradley!

Josh Bradley is one of the cast members of Down For Love who works as a part-time cleaner at Rainbow's End. He attended Cockle Bay School as a child. He has profited greatly from speech and language therapy since he was a toddler. His parents wanted him to have the same education as his other siblings.

However, without the UpsideDowns Education Trust's support, Josh Bradley's mainstream education would have been a pipe dream. He also got a Fair Play award for the C squad at Special Olympics Howick-Pakuranga in 2015, where he practiced to become a Special Olympic athlete.

Josh Bradley doesn't seem to have an Instagram account. blurred-reality.comJosh Bradley doesn't seem to have an Instagram account. 
Image Source: YouTube

Talking about Josh Bradley's parents, he was born in 1999 to Nicola and Todd Bradley. They've been married since February 1966. His father works at Scholastic as an Operations Manager.

Likely, he was employed at Hella NZ lt as an Order Fulfilment Manager till April 2023. However, her mother's professional background is yet unknown. But she did wish him a happy 21st birthday in 2021, writing,

Happy 21st birthday my boy!! Dad and I are so proud of you. It’s been awesome watching you grow into the independent, passionate young man you are. You have the most amazing love of life, keep being you and bringing the laughs.

According to the report, Josh Bradley's parents would not alter him for the world, and his father also assisted him in improving his communication skills.

Meanwhile, he was the first child in his mother's coffee group to be able to convey his want for food or drink after learning sign language. However, he has yet to have an Instagram account.

Are Josh Bradley and Sophie Still Together?

Josh Bradley is still in a relationship with Sophie, according to his Facebook page. The former is quite active on TikTok and routinely posts short videos. Several of his films feature Sophie and him having a good time.

They are seen kissing in one of the videos while a love song plays in the background, indicating the undoubtedly romantic nature of their connection.

But Josh's first blind date was with a lovely woman named Hayley, and they ended up remaining friends despite having a terrific time together.

The reality TV star appeared to have had a much better time on his date with Libby Hunsdale (@libby.hunsdale), and the two appeared to be hopeful that their search for love had come to an end.

However, following their second date, which included a private cha-cha-cha dancing session, she stated that she thought it would be better if they remained friends.

Josh Bradley initially dated Libby before Sophie. blurred-reality.comJosh Bradley initially dated Libby before Sophie. 
Image Source: Digital Spy

Libby went on to say that while she didn't want to hurt Josh's feelings, she thought it might be best if he heard the news from someone else. Josh's mother, Nicola, thus discreetly informed him what the former wished to tell him. Josh had high hopes for his friendship with Libby, so when those dreams were broken, he became physically active, as his loved ones quickly saw.

Later in the day, Josh and Sophie were able to participate in a penguin conservation program and closely inspect the birds, which made the trip utterly unforgettable.

Josh asked Sophie if she wanted to go swimming with him next Thursday after their tour, and she agreed while they shared ice cream at the beach. Later, they were seen walking barefoot on the sand, dreaming of a future filled with love as a result of their first kiss.

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