Joey Miller from Love is Blind Season 2: Find the Netflix Cast on Instagram!

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Joey Miller from Love is Blind Season 2: Find the Netflix Cast on Instagram!

Joey Miller from Chicago is one of the cast members of Love is Blind Season 2. Aged 30, Joey has risen to prominence following the Netflix show as he connected with Caitlin McKee. So, are Joey and Caitlin from Love is Blind still together? Reddit users wonder about Joey Miller’s LinkedIn and Instagram.

Netflix‘s new ongoing reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 released its first episode on 18th February, casting exactly 30 participants. Basically, this American reality show is focused on forming connections, and eventually, taking that connection to a different standard.

While all the contestants joined the show filled with exhilaration to hunt for their loved ones, astounding everyone, the production team divulged that more than a love show, it is a social experiment.

Bereft of knowing each other’s appearance, and only getting to talk in the pods, the contestants definitely had a hard time choosing their ideal partners.

According to the show, they had to continue this talking stage for ten long days, and only then can the cast members meet up, get engaged, and then go to Mexico for their retreat. So, let’s get to know Joey Miller‘s journey in Love is Blind Season 2.

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Joey Miller from Love is Blind Season 2 on Netflix

One of the exclusive shows, Love is Blind Season 2 is a platform for the singletons to form love bindings with the person they most connected with.

The show has a total of ten episodes, and the last finale episode will be released on 25th February 2022. Since the final episode will be showing the couple that gets married on the show, myriads of people are desperately waiting for it.

Featuring on Love is Blind Season 2, Joey Miller was one of the cast members who joined the show with high hopes of meeting the love of his life. Aged 30, Miller comes from Chicago like his other cast members and is an avid traveler.

Looking at his Instagram account, we can find most of Joey’s photos from different places with his friends by his side. In the span of 2 months, he had traveled to 18 different cities and also succeeded in spending his time on 13 different beaches.

Furthermore, Joey Miller seems to get inner solace when he connects with nature, thus, he goes hiking often, and in just two months, he completed 26 hikes along with his friends.

Graduating from Kellogg School of Management and then, gaining an MBA degree from Northwestern  University, Joey Miller had a strong instinct in involving himself in business from his early years. Today, Joey is working as a business strategy consultant in one of the well-known companies.

Making a hefty net worth, spending it on his vacation, and hanging out with his friends, definitely, Joey Miller has one of the best lives. Conversely, the one missing element in his life is love. Therefore, to fill the void of love, Joey Miller became a cast on Love is Blind Season 2.

In the show, Miller most connected with Caitlin McKee and taking their talking stage further, the couple got engaged. So, what do you think, will Caitlin and Joey get married on Love is Blind Season 2?

Are Joey and Caitlin Still Together?

Joey and Caitlin are one of the finest engaged couples in Love is Blind Season 2. Starting their relationship from the scratch, getting to know even the smallest details of each other, and then eventually getting connected towards each other, their relationship has a strong foundation.

Even while looking at their Instagram, we can find that they have shared quite a lot of photos of their together moments on Instagram.

In one of the posts, Joey Miller tells, “This was a much more meaningful experience than many who watch perceive it to be. 100% focus dedicated to finding out who I am, what I need in a life partner, and what I can provide to a lifelong relationship. All-day, every day, 10 days. For a guy who spends most of his time striving at work or chasing travel experiences, learning how to connect in this way was ultimately one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Thus, looking at them, it appears that they are still together, but will they get married in the show?

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