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Love is Blind: Are Caitlin McKee and Joey Miller Still Together?

Feb 25, 2022 @ 13:10 EST
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Love is Blind: Are Caitlin McKee and Joey Miller Still Together?

Caitlin McKee and Joey Miller are two cast members from Love is Blind Season 2, and only their engagement wasn't shown on Netflix. Moreover, unlike other couples, Joey Miller and Caitlin McKee from Love is Blind didn't attend the vacation to Mexico.

Starting their relationship from the American reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2, Caitlin McKee and Joey Miller have been catching everyone's heed.

Being one of the finest couples of the show, they have won millions of hearts, and thus, a plethora of people ship them and admire how adorable they look together. However, their relationship and love life didn't catch more screen time, unlike other couples.

It might be astounding to know but many people still do not know that Caitlin and Joey also got engaged in Love is Blind Season 2 on Netflix. Therefore, to clear out everyone's perplexity, they posted photos on their Instagram account and told how they fell in love with each other and took their talking stage to marry each other.

So, let's get to know the love journey of Caitlin McKee and Joey Miller in Love is Blind Season 2.

Caitlin McKee and Joey Miller from Love is Blind Season 2 on Netflix

Netflix's new eminent reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 premiered on 18th February, and basically, this American reality dating show is about forming connections without getting to see each other.

The participants can talk to each other in the pods, and lasting their talking stage for ten long days, can they meet physically and go date. Eventually, they decide whom to engage with, and go to Mexico for their retreat.

In the very first episode of Love is Blind Season 2, Joey Miller admitted that whenever he went on date with a girl, the conversation would hover around his grey hair, but at that time, things were different.

While meeting Caitlin McKee, the date didn't go usual, and it astounded  Joey, for the very first time, the girl didn't question him on his grey. This comforted him, and thus, was a start to their relationship.

From talking in the pods for ten long days, and getting to know more about each other, Caitlin and Joey had developed serious attachment towards each other, and when they first met physically, it didn't take time to vibe along.

Their love life reached to getting engaged on the show itself but the shocking thing is, they were the only couple who couldn't go to Mexico for their vacation. It seems like it's the fault of the production team, and due to the shortage of resources, both Caitlin and Joey had to sacrifice their retreat to Mexico.

Are Caitlin and Joey Still Together?

"What you didn't see is that I also found love in the pods and left the show with a fiancé.  I had an amazing summer and fall with the opportunity to travel, meet each other's families, and build a genuine relationship without the cameras and crew." - Joey Miller (millerj5001) wrote on his Instagram account.

Since their engagement wasn't shown on Love is Blind Season 2, many people had no idea what their relationship was about. However, when both Caitlin McKee and Joey Miller officially divulged on 15th February, it astounded all the spectators and brought happiness to all the people who shipped them.

Being the best chapter in each others' lives, both Caitlin (@caitlinmckee) and Joey created a lot of memories, and unfortunately, they have closed their chapter, and can only cherish every moment they had spent together.

Announcing their partition, Joey Miller wrote, "Grateful to @loveisblindnetflix for introducing me to such a strong, caring, and compassionate woman. We are no longer together, but absolutely fell in love blindly."

Although Caitlin and Joey have parted ways, they still follow each other on Instagram and are on good terms.

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