Single’s Inferno: Song Jia’s Fake Designer Clothes and Items!

Shibakshya Rai

Single's Inferno: Song Jia's Fake Designer Clothes and Items!

Song Jia, a cast from Single’s Inferno, has been surrounded by the scandal of wearing fake designer clothes and items. Did Jia actually buy fake clothes or is it just a scam? Reddit users seek comparison pictures.

Officially starting the show on Netflix with the first episode on 18th December 2021 to releasing the final episode on 8th January 2022, the eminent Korean reality show, Single’s Inferno, not only ended with a  blast but also allured myriads of spectators.

From finding their loved ones to envying each other’s love, the show was teeming with extreme exhilaration and thrill.

Hosted by four hosts, and having exactly nine casts, the Korean reality show, Single’s Inferno was definitely a hit. However, just after the end of the show, a prominent cast, Song Jia has been revolving around controversies of her clothes.

Not that people liked her outfit and are praising her fashion sense but because Jia used fake designer clothes and blindfolded everyone, compelling them to believe that her dresses were original. Do you want to know the depth of this drama?

Single’s Inferno: Song Jia With Fake Designer Clothes?

With alluring looks and a beguiling grin, Jia’s cast on the Korean reality dating show, Single’s Inferno, was appreciated by not only the spectators but also her fellow cast members. Just within her first entry to the show, people couldn’t resist staring at her; the enchanting looks with an adorable smile drove everyone crazy.

Beginning the show via winning millions of hearts, Jia’s cast was going smoothly not until people debunked her fake designer clothes.

Yes, the fashion model, Jia was found using fake designer clothes, the clothes that looked similar to the original products of eminent brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more. While it has been years of doing this trend, Song never divulged about the false products rather one of her clothes haul on her YouTube channel has many views.

The main concern is people are literally bashing Jia just for these fake designer clothes. She is the one buying and putting on the clothes, and doesn’t have any problem, so why are people outraged about this? It’s her money and her will to spend and buy whatever she is comfortable in.

Getting extreme hatred from all around the world, it was a pretty daunting moment for her to stand up against everything. To that point, she posted a hand-written letter, apologizing for whatever she did, keeping her words in Korean.

Also, she expunged all the posts from her Instagram that had fake designer clothes. Conversely, there are more supporters who are by Jia’s side even today and using Twitter as their platform, they aren’t stopping themselves from tweeting how futile topic people bash about.

Song Jia’s Boyfriend: Who is She Dating?

Being exceptionally attractive, Song Jia has three options to chose from in Single’s Inferno. Leaving Choi Si-hun and Cha Hyun-Seung, Jia chose the fitness model and trainer Kim Hyeon-Joong.

With having quality time spent with Kim, Song was quite comfortable with him and they looked adorable together.

Even after the show, it appears that Song and Kim are together as their stalking their Instagram account provides enough evidence to substantiate their present love life.

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