James Robertson From Netflix’s I Am a Killer: Is He Still Alive as of 2022? Where Is James Robertson Now? Wiki, History, Death Row, Execution & Reddit Update!

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James Robertson, From Netflix’s I Am a Killer: Is He Still Alive as of 2022? Where Is He Now? His Wiki, History, Death Row, Execution, Reddit Update!

James Robertson, from Netflix’s I Am A Killer, is a criminal who was convicted of murdering Frank Hart, one of the prisoners. As per James Robertson’s wiki, he grew up not far from Orlando, Florida, had a criminal history dating back to his teenage years, and had received prison sentences for a variety of offenses, including robbery and small-time larceny. As Reddit users wonder about his execution, James Robertson is still alive and now on death row as of 2022.

Netflix now has the true crime documentary series I Am a Killer. The program focuses on the lives of death row inmates. I Am a Killer had its first season released globally in March 2018 before being renewed for a second season, which debuted in January 2020.

The correctional institution discovered one of the criminals, Frank Hart, dead in his cell. The terrible murder is detailed in I Am a Killer: Means to an End on Netflix, which also demonstrates how the authorities were able to identify the killer so quickly.

Viewers were curious to discover more about James Robertson after concluding that he was the murderer, of the prisoner, James Robertson. Here is everything we know!

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James Robertson, From Netflix’s I Am a Killer, Is a Criminal Who Was Convicted of Murdering Frank Hart, One of the Prisoners, and Is Still Alive and Now on Death Row as of 2022!

James Robertson from the Netflix docuseries I Am A Killer is a criminal who had spent much of his life in and out of prison. He had a criminal history dating back to his teenage years and had received prison sentences for a variety of offenses, including robbery, small-time larceny, and even being an accessory to murder. As of 2022, he is still alive and now on death row.

As per his wiki, James Robertson, 56, grew up not far from Orlando, Florida. James claimed that he began getting locked up when he was twelve as a result of his engagement with drugs. It didn’t take him long to run into legal issues.

When James was 17 years old, he was involved in a physical altercation with security personnel while attempting to rob a nearby store. This led to his most significant arrest. He was given a 10-year sentence but escaped prison after being found guilty of burglary and severe violence.

James Robertson then received several further terms as he attempted to flee, got into fights, and assaulted guards or other prisoners, adding to his prison term. Later, to safeguard the other prisoners, he was put under close control, often known as solitary confinement, for up to 23 hours per day.

James was transferred into a cell alongside Frank Hart in Charlotte Correctional Institution in 2008 after asking to be removed from solitary confinement. In addition, the Netflix program claimed that James tried to break out of jail and was in charge of multiple fights inside the prison, leading to an increase in his sentence.

As shown in the show, James decided to take matters into his own hands since he was desperate to find a way out and did not want to share a cell with a sexual offender. He constructed a garrote out of two socks and awaited the right time to use it. On December 10, 2008, he finally killed Frank by strangling him during a 25-minute lull in the guard patrols.

When James was accused of killing Frank Hart in 2009, the death penalty was not initially a possibility since his attorney did not advocate for it. James Robertson was given the death penalty on December 18th, 2012, following a three-year court struggle and a change of attorneys. It’s interesting that even though James admitted to killing Frank, he wasn’t immediately put to death.

The prisoner, however, came close to pleading for a death sentence, and in 2012, the authorities finally agreed and put him on death row. As of 2022, James has been serving a death sentence at the Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida, ever since. As Reddit users wonder about his release date, as of this writing, there is no information regarding a precise execution date. He is still on death row.

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