Heartstopper: Isaac’s Sexuality; Gay or Aroace?

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Heartstopper: Isaac’s Sexuality; Gay or Aroace? blurred-reality.com

Talking about Isaac’s sexuality in Heartstopper, it appears he is aroace (asexual). While he has not announced it yet, we can expect Isaac to announce his sexuality in Season 3.

Fans can finally witness “much deeper” experiences for our favorite characters, especially leading males Nick and Charlie as they negotiate their new relationship as Season 2 of Heartstopper has finally arrived on Netflix.

The new season of the beloved LGBTQ+ adolescent drama, according to creator Alice Oseman, focuses on the characters’ progression as their identities, relationships, and worldview mature through time. To be precise, it follows the teenagers to prom, where they experience highs, lows, and reality checks.

Isaac Henderson, one of the characters of the show, lives a low-key life. In the latest season of the British drama, he becomes friends with James McEwan, who develops a crush on the former. Their interactions cause Isaac to question his sexuality. In this article, we will find out if Isaac is gay, bisexual, or aroace.

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Isaac’s Sexuality in Heartstopper: It Appears He Is neither Gay nor Bisexual but Aroace (Asexual)!

Before diving into Isaac‘s sexuality, let’s first know more about him. He is one of Truham Grammar School’s least popular students since he wants to live in his own world. Only Charlie, Tao, and Elle have the ability to enter the same. Nick, Tara, and Darcy also become a part of Isaac’s universe through the trio.

His life turns around when he befriends James, who is also into books. Their same hobbies draw them together. While Charlie enjoys his relationship with Nick and Tao works out his feelings for Elle, Isaac ponders the enigma that is love. He even questions Charlie about it, but the latter’s response is ineffective.

During their research trip to Paris, Isaac & James become closer. When Charlie emerges out of nowhere with a hickey, James wonders whether Isaac gave the former the same, only for the two friends to clear up the misconception. James then confesses to Isaac that he has a crush on him, and the two end up kissing.

Isaac, on the other hand, has no love or sexual feelings for his new friend, which confuses him. The more he sees Charlie’s affection for Nick and Tao’s feelings for Elle, the more he understands he isn’t like them.

Isaac appears to be aroace (asexual) in Heartstopper. blurred-reality.comIsaac appears to be aroace (asexual) in Heartstopper.
Image Source: Netflix

Isaac meets an aromantic and asexual artist while visiting a show at Elle’s Lambert School of Art. Isaac is deeply moved by the artist’s work and remarks about breaking away from conventional concepts of love and sexuality. He walks to the library to get a book about asexuality, indicating that Isaac understands the definition. Although Isaac does not officially state his sexual orientation in the second season, it appears he is indeed AroAce (asexual).

Meanwhile, the series creator, Alice Oseman, has already revealed the character’s sexual orientation. In an interview with Attitude, she said,

Asexuality will be discussed on TV in a big way. I’m excited. I hope it’ll change the world. I hope when it happens in ‘Heartstopper,’ it doesn’t feel like a lesson. You know Isaac, you care about him, and now you’re going to learn something new about him

We may expect Isaac to publicly announce to his friends that he is asexual in the already-announced third season. However, it will be difficult for him to come out as asexual. When Isaac’s friends see James’ presence in his life, they ship them together and expect them to create an adorable connection without considering the possibility that their friend has no interest in doing the same.

Even Isaac’s gay friends appear to have the typical assumption that everyone is romantic, which he believes is not the truth. As a result, he may need to give his friends time to come to terms with him as an asexual and aromantic individual.

Is the Isaac Actor, Tobie Donovan, Asexual Like His Character?

No, the Isaac actor, Tobie Donovan (@tobiedonovan_), is not asexual as his character. However, he isn’t straight as well. As you might have guessed, he is openly gay.

The Isaac actor, Tobie Donovan, is openly gay. blurred-reality.comThe Isaac actor, Tobie Donovan, is openly gay.
Image Source: Instagram

Talking about his sexuality, he previously wrote,

I’ve always been such a huge Marvel fan but to see someone like me in a movie like that was just so special. Showed me I can be gay and still be a superhero, and I’m 19 and out, can’t imagine how it would feel for a kid still in the closet.

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