Is Aaron Ashmore Gay in Real Life: Locke & Key Cast Member Sexuality in 2022!

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Is Aaron Ashmore Gay in Real Life: Locke & Key Cast Member Sexuality in 2022!

Aaron Ashmore does not identify as gay in real life. The Locke & Key actor is heterosexual because he is married to the gorgeous Zoe Kate and has a child. Aaron Ashmore does not identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, but he has portrayed a gay character in the show Warehouse 13.

The Creation Key, unquestionably the most potent of them all, was first seen in Locke & Key season 3. Locke & Key, which is based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, has established itself as one of Netflix‘s top comic book adaptations.

The dark fantasy series narrates the tale of the Locke family, who discover they have been given the responsibility of being Keepers of the Keys after relocating into their ancestral house.

The Creation Key functions more like a magical pen than the other keys, which often need to be twisted to unleash their magic. Any drawing made with the Creation Key comes to life, as seen in Locke & Key, which also features a miniature Caliban from The Tempest made by the first Keepers of the Keys. Later, Bodie drew blueprints for the weapons to be used against Gideon, surprising the demon. The only restriction on the Creation Key is the user’s creativity.

Aaron Ashmore plays Duncan Locke one of the Locke & Key cast members, Rendell’s younger brother who used to live in Keyhouse. Due to his unique personality and fascinating presence on the show, viewers are interested in learning more about Aaron Ashmore’s personal life and are particularly concerned about whether he is gay. This is all we are aware of!

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No, Aaron Ashmore Is Not Gay in Real Life; The Locke & Key Cast Member Is Married to His Partner, Zoe Kate!

No, Aaron Ashmore (@aaron_ashmore) is not gay in real life, but he does give a wonderful portrayal as a gay character in the show. Given that he is married to the stunning Zoe Kate and is the father of a kid, he is straight.

Aaron Ashmore’s role as Steve Jinks in the science fiction series Warehouse 13 gained widespread recognition when it debuted in 2011. Later, it was revealed that the character of Aaron was gay. After this revelation, fans are now interested in the actor’s sexual inclinations off-screen.

Fans of Warehouse 13 should be aware that the show places a greater emphasis on action and science fiction than on romance. However, we are always looking for more characters to add to the show. Gay people weren’t sufficiently represented in science fiction. In addition, the character’s sexual orientation had no impact on how the story was written. It is only a part of his character; it does not define him.

We, as a minority group, have achieved much of what we had hoped for in the entertainment business because a gay character just shows what happens to a gay person. Aaron is in favor of making characters from various backgrounds seem like regular people, and as an actor, he does a fantastic job. In a similar vein, Aaron is indeed an excellent father if we continue to focus on his personal life away from the camera.

The actor of Locke & Key claimed that doing so would reinforce the diverse aspect of the film and send a supportive message to the LGBT community. However, Aaron Ashmore leads a very happy heterosexual marriage in his private life.

After two years of marriage, Aaron and his wife welcomed their first child, Esme Grace, into the world. Another beautiful daughter, Margot June, entered his life in 2019. However, the couple is no longer together as of 2022. Ashmore tweeted about his joy to his Twitter followers. with a picture of him cradling the infant. He tweeted

My second lovely daughter has arrived safe and sound.

Aaron Ashmore’s Instagram makes it quite evident that his daughters are undeniably daddy’s girls. They are Aaron’s entire world, and they occupy the majority of his leisure time.

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