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Is 1899 on Netflix Scary? What Is It About? Reddit Users Discuss if It Is Worth Watching!

Nov 20, 2022 @ 2:47 EST
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Is 1899 on Netflix Scary? What Is It About? Reddit Users Discuss if It Is Worth Watching!

Many people wonder if 1899 on Netflix is scary. From what we've discovered so far, the show definitely has a lot of horror elements but it cannot be labeled as a scary show. Even most Reddit users believe it can be watched by anyone. And yes, it's definitely worth watching if you love a complex thriller show.

1899, a Netflix period sci-fi TV series set in the titular year, revolves around a passenger ship heading from London to New York. The captain makes a detour after getting a signal regarding a missing ship's whereabouts. The crew arrives at the spot and discovers the Prometheus, a ship that has been abandoned. Unexpected things start happening, leaving the travelers unsure of what is real and what is fake.

Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, 1899 is the pinnacle of a mind-bending narrative. It's actually remarkable how the writers combine characters, their previous trauma, and their relationships in the framework of a mystery. The story seems to be a mystery that enthralls the audience and keeps them curious until the very end.

While many people have praised the Netflix show for its content, some are still hesitating to even start the show. They wonder if the show is scary and if it is worth watching. Well, here is what we believe the series is really about.

Additionally, you must be wondering about the original languages spoken in the series.

1899 Review: The Netflix Show Definitely Has Horror Elements but It’s Not a Scary One; Reddit Users Discuss if It Is Worth Watching!

1899 on Netflix combines a variety of genres into a single work. The series features various mystery elements in addition to a certain period drama background. However, is it really scary? There is no denying that the eight-episode run of 1899 has significant amounts of horror. The series has numerous unsettling moments, and some of the scarier scenes would not look out of place in any particular horror film or television show.

The premise of the first episode gives off these overwhelming frightening emotions. The Prometheus, which had been missing in the Atlantic Ocean for four months, is found by the Kerberos' passengers. The horror genre frequently features ghost ships, which is a spooky premise that inevitably heightens anxiety.

The moment the passengers set foot on this abandoned ship, they are exposed to new horrors. Well, the series doesn't overtly scare the viewers, and horror isn't the only genre there, but it does give the action a distinctive, cinematic feel. Additionally, a Reddit user asked if the show is scary as he was trying to convince his wife to watch the show. Another user replied,

Unsettling but no, not scary at all. There's no active attempt to frighten the audience the way horror movies do.

Similarly, many people have been asking if the show is worth watching. Well, before jumping to the answer. Let's know what the show is about in brief. As mentioned earlier, the startling discovery of an abandoned ship serves as the series' initial hook. There is a lot more to this Netflix original than just the Prometheus, which serves as the catalyst for all the subsequent mayhem. The Kerberos is a ship brimming with interesting people, each of them is concealing a terrible secret and seeking to leave Europe in order to start a new life in New York.

Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham), the main character, is looking for her brother, who has disappeared. He might be waiting for her on American soil with his own secrets, or he might have been on the Prometheus. Every episode goes into great detail on a variety of fascinating individuals, including the alcoholic Captain, who is portrayed by Dark's Andreas Pietschmann (@andreaspietschmann).

The characters on the boat come from a wide variety of ethnicities and speak a variety of languages. German, Danish, Polish, English, French, Spanish, Danish, and Chinese are available. This gives our characters uncertainty and a sense of authenticity, giving the drama a cutting-edge edge.

Well, what our team has concluded is that 1899 is definitely worth watching. It is a masterwork that deserves the praise and recognition it has already received. This spellbinding, mind-bending series will delight fans of Dark, while newcomers will also find the myriad secrets on exhibit here to be incredibly engrossing. This is a show that is excellent in every way, telling a completely original tale that is timely, surprising, and well-thought-out.

Although some people may find the show's complexity and its use of several different languages to be off-putting or distracting, it is one that is worth watching all the way through. The multilingual component immediately becomes one of the show's many pleasures because everything fits together flawlessly. You won't regret trying out this series. We firmly advise joining the herd and giving in to the mystery that is 1899.

Before leaving, know about the gay characters in the show.

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