Gay Characters in 1899: Everything You Need to Know About Krester, Angel and Ramiro!

Natalia Romanova

Gay Characters in 1899: Everything You Need to Know About Krester, Angel and Ramiro!

Talking about the gay characters in Netflix’s 1899, there are 3 characters. They are Krester, Ángel, and Ramiro. While Ángel and Ramiro are already a couple, Ángel later gets attracted to Krester.

1899, a mystery-thriller TV series on Netflix set in the titular year, centers around a group of migrant passengers on the Kerberos ship going from London to New York. Almost every traveler is attempting to escape a troubled past. Everyone wants to leave their country of origin and start over in America since they each have their own problems.

All of their plans, however, fail when the Kerberos receives signals from the Prometheus, a missing steamship. Strange things start when the captain diverts to save the drifting ship, and the characters’ past traumas start to surface. The ambitious series is created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, who also worked on the time-traveling sensation Dark for Netflix. With heroes that speak more than a dozen languages, the series has a very diverse international cast.

No doubt, people have been obsessed with the show. The storyline, background music, and VFX, all combine together to make it an almost perfect series. Talking about the characters, the Netflix program also has a few gay characters. Want to know more about them? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Gay Characters in 1899: While Angel and Ramiro Are a Couple Already, Angel Is Really Attracted to Krester!

Obviously, people were not familiar with gay people and people were against them in the year, 1899. However, it does not mean everyone was straight. They just used to hide their identity. In the same way, there are several gay characters in Netflix’s 1899, including Krester, Ángel, and Ramiro.

Ángel (Miguel Bernardeau) and Ramiro (José Pimentão) initially appeared to be a brother duo, with Ramiro being the religious one because he is a priest and Angel actually being the more reckless one as Mrs. Wilson noted long before we were introduced to them.

Ramiro regrets having to kill a holy priest for Angel and take on his identity as a priest. We discover afterward that the two are actually a couple who escaped their house. However, despite being with Ramiro, Angel is rather impulsive and develops feelings for Krester (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen). He thoroughly likes his facial scar.

Later in the series, Angel tracks down Krester and gives him his costly cigarette case, only for Krester’s sister Tove to furiously remove it and return it, threatening (in Danish) to chop the Spaniard‘s d*ck off if he approaches her brother again. She seems to be aware that Krester is gay and that he has previously been mistreated by a wealthy someone, possibly as a result of that scar.

However, as the simulation comes to a close, we learn that Angel is growing more concerned about what might happen, while Ramiro is actively helping when Angel is merely sitting in his room.

Although Angel admits that he doesn’t deserve Ramiro, Ramiro is a devoted lover to Angel, and in the end, when things start to go wrong, Ramiro comes to look for Angel. Unfortunately, near the simulation’s conclusion, the furnace collapses and Angel dies in the storm. Visit Netflix to how this all happened and what happens next in the show.

1899 Season 2: Has the Series Been Renewed Already?

Netflix has not yet confirmed the potential of a Season 2 of 1899, but Jantje Friese told EW that the show is once again structured as a three-season mystery puzzle, similar to Dark. Dark was one of Netflix’s biggest international successes, so 1899 will undoubtedly garner a sizable audience.

Netflix normally waits a year between seasons, so a November 2023 release date is possible. But given the show’s use of modern filming techniques, a second 1899 season might be released much sooner. The show is shot on a sizable stage in a virtual production studio, just like The Mandalorian. It simulates shooting outside by using an LED backdrop that moves in real time with the camera. The post-production process is shortened because a green screen is not required as the effects are added in real-time. In an interview with Deadline, Friese told,

We originally planned to travel to Spain, Poland, Scotland, all kinds of locations. Quite quickly [after the pandemic started] we knew that might not be possible in the new future, so we fully embraced the idea of bringing Europe to us.

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