Inti From Fake Profile on Netflix: Know About the Inti Cast, Julian Cerati!

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Julián Cerati Plays the Role of Inti in Fake Profile!

Inti, portrayed by Julián Cerati, is one of the characters in Netflix’s Fake Profile who intends to destroy Cris’ image and become Adrian’s lover by making Cris take drugs.

Fake Profile is a Colombian romance thriller series on Netflix that follows Camila (Carolina Miranda) as she creates a profile on the dating app Spice in pursuit of love. She matches with Fernando there, and the two hit it off right away. But what begins as a passionate and hot affair quickly fizzles out as Fernando departs for Colombia, without knowing when he’ll return.

Camila decides to travel to Colombia herself, but when she meets Fernando, she is taken aback – Fernando is actually Miguel, and he has a wife and a daughter. However, Camila chooses to stay right next door to Miguel and his family, much to Miguel’s astonishment.

Since the release of the series, viewers have been fascinated by the show cast and their characters, especially Inti. As a result, they are interested in learning more about him and wonder about who played the character. Well, if you looking for the same answer, we are here to help you.

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Fake Profile: Inti’s Intention in the Netflix Series Is to Destroy Cris’ Image and Become Adrian’s Lover!

Inti is one of the characters in the Netflix Colombian romance thriller series, Fake Profile, played by Julián Cerati (@juliancerati). The show’s cast is a popular Argentine actor and social media personality who is well known for his role as Felipe Aragón in O11ce.

Talking about the Netflix show, Inti is introduced to us when Pedro refers to him as his executor. He bribed Inti to sabotage his son Adrian‘s friendship with Cristobal aka Cris. Inti had a history with Cris, which was one of the reasons Tina chose him for the job.

Julián Cerati plays the role of Inti in Netflix's Fake Profile. blurred-reality.comJulián Cerati plays the role of Inti in Netflix’s Fake Profile.
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Inti began working as a waiter at Adrian’s restaurant and quickly captured his attention. Even though Adrian was engaged to Cris, he couldn’t ignore the sexual tension he felt whenever Inti drew close to him. Cris chose to reveal their history after seeing Adrian’s fantasies about Inti. When Cris and Adrian divorced two years ago, he felt extremely lonely and chose to numb his anguish by sleeping with another man.

Cris could not betray Adrian despite having paid for Inti’s services. Later, Inti led him to a club where they consumed drugs together. Cris had already struggled with addiction, and after that night, he began to rely on narcotics once more. He needed six months in rehab to get his life back on track. Cris felt ashamed of that night, which is why he had never discussed Inti before.

Cris, Inti, and Adrian were in a polyamorous relationship for a short time, but Cris was gradually influenced by Inti and Adrian’s closeness. Inti’s ambition was to demolish Cris’ image and become Adrian’s lover. He made an account and posted pornographic films of Cris to it. Inti planted medicines in order to further erode Adrian’s trust. Adrian chose to end his relationship with Cris after discovering the films and narcotics in his bedroom. Cris was eager to improve their connection, but when he saw Adrian had lost faith in him, he packed his belongings and left.

Julián Cerati’s Early Acting Career!

Julián Cerati who plays the role of Inti in Netflix’s Fake Profile was born on January 26, 1998. The Fake Profile cast always wanted to be an actor, or at least he understood early on that he wanted to devote his life to it. With the aim in mind, he grew tired of making reasons to depart before school or, if necessary, missing any form of casting in the Federal Capital.

Julián Cerati is Argentinian by nationality. blurred-reality.comJulián Cerati is Argentinian by nationality.
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As a result, Julián Cerati landed his first paid commercial, for which he traveled to Chile and took part in something more akin to a short film than an advertisement, according to Cerati. On that occasion, it was directed by none other than Dustin Lance Black, who won an Oscar for his writing in Milk (2008). Later, in an interview, the Inti actor stated,

We have social networks, hopefully we will work together again. Once I did an optional theater workshop in Tercer Milenio, the elementary school that I attended in City Bell. When I was 13 or 14 years old I started to do it more seriously and I took classes. Years later, I ventured into advertising. That was my self-taught way of looking for acting.

The Inti actor dropped out of school and moved to Buenos Aires as a child, so he was always looking for ways to get away. He went to the tests and was done in ten minutes: it’s always a small profile photo and nothing else. After that, he returned to La Plata. He explained,

I always wanted to fight for what I liked. In this way it went from being just a hobby to my life.

And when Julián Cerati was asked how he ended up at Disney, he answered, “There were castings that nobody wanted to do, but my friends passed the data to me and I showed up at all. One day I was notified of a test where actors and soccer players were needed, and since it is a sport that I have practiced since I was very young, the two streaks came together.”

Fake Profile is currently streaming on Netflix.