Carolina Miranda’s Actual Boyfriend/Novio, Manuel Masalva: 2022/23 Update!

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Carolina Miranda’s Actual Boyfriend/Novio Is Manuel Masalva!

Carolina Miranda is in a relationship with her actual boyfriend/novio, Manuel Masalva. The Fake Profile star and her partner have been together since 2021. The couple traveled to a lot of places in 2022 and celebrated their 2nd anniversary in 2023.

Netflix‘s Fake Profile or Perfil Falso, created by Pablo Illanes, is a Spanish-language Colombian romantic thriller series. Camila Román (Carolina Miranda), an exotic dancer in Las Vegas, is the main character. On a dating app, she meets Fernando Castell, an attractive Colombian man who describes himself as a plastic surgeon in Cartagena. There is an immediate spark, and over the course of four months, a relationship grows.

After some time apart, Camila decides to travel to Colombia to see Fernando. She is shocked to learn that, despite the fact that Cartagena does indeed have a plastic surgeon by the name of Fernando Castell, this is not the Fernando she is familiar with. He is actually Miguel Estévez, an engineer with a wife and two children, who works for his father-in-law’s company. She moves into the home next to his family’s in the gated neighborhood with the apparent purpose of stopping Miguel from harming any more women.

The Camila actress, Carolina Miranda, has impressed the viewers with her acting skill as well as her seductive character. Of course, many people want to know if she actually has a boyfriend in real life. Well, let’s find out who she is dating.

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Carolina Miranda Has Been Dating Her Boyfriend/Novio, Manual Masalva, Since 2021!

The Camila actress from Fake Profile, Carolina Miranda (@caromirandaof), has been in a relationship with her boyfriend/novio, Manuel Masalva (@manuelmasalva). The couple has been dating since April 2021 after Manuel asked the Netflix star to be his girlfriend.

Carolina Miranda and her actual boyfriend/novio, Manuel Masalva. blurred-reality.comCarolina Miranda and her actual boyfriend/novio, Manuel Masalva.
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The two have maintained their relationship ever then and frequently appear together at different events. There are numerous photos of them together on each of their separate social media platforms, showing how much they adore one another. They have visited a lot of beautiful places, especially in 2022. Carolina couldn’t help but compliment her boyfriend on their recent second anniversary, saying that the day he asked her to be his girlfriend was a wonderful one writing,

Blessed is the day that you shouted Jonas,Jonas, JONAS GO JONAS!!! To ask me to be your girlfriend 🤤 ❤️ ✨ 2 years and here we continue learning so many things I LOVE YOU @manuelmasalva Happy Anniversary 💋

In case you are unaware, Manuel is a well-known figure in the Mexican entertainment sector. Both viewers and critics have praised his performance as Ramón Arellano Félix in the drug-themed crime series, Narcos: Mexico. Tengo Que Morir Todas Las Noches and El Secreto de la Familia Greco are two of his more recent works. The fans are very supportive of Carolina Miranda and her boyfriend’s relationship love and can’t get enough of them.

Manuel Masalva is also an actor. blurred-reality.comManuel Masalva is also an actor.
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Prior to Her Novio, Manuel Masalva, Who Was Carolina Miranda Dating?

Before her relationship with novio Manuel Masalva, Carolina Miranda was in a relationship with Michel Duval from August 2016 through February 2019. Michel was one of the major cast members of Señora Acero. From 2016 until 2019, Carolina herself played the role of Vicenta “La Coyote” Acero in the telenovela. In contrast, from 2015 through 2018, Michel contributed to the show as Salvador Acero Aguilar.

In the series, the two characters, who are half-siblings, help numerous immigrants while trying to end the injustices that exist in the world. Fans particularly loved their story, which was the main focus of seasons 3 to 5, and they were thrilled when the two actually connected in real life.

But it wasn’t meant to be, just like many other things in life. However, neither of them revealed the reason behind their separation. While Carolina is dating Manuel, it appears Manuel is currently single and looking for his soul mate.